Here Are 6 Sweet and Charming Ways You Can Match With Your Bridesmaids While Getting Ready!

Twinning is still trending, and getting ready with your bridesmaids is so much better when you have matching items with them! So, we listed some things to help you be matchy-matchy with your bridal party in the sweetest ways possible. Don’t forget to have fun and prep for your wedding in style!


1. Bridal robes

Photo: Toto Villaruel | Real Wedding: A Stunning Navy Blue and Blush Themed City Wedding

Get ready in the cutest way by getting you and your bridesmaids some matching robes! To stand out, you can have yours in a different color, or have the robes labeled with some fancy embroidery at the back.


2. Pajama pants

Photo via DIY Crafts Recipes

For something more laid-back, you can get yourselves some matching pajama sets! They’re comfy and cozy, perfect for calming down the wedding jitters!


3. Gown hangers

Photo via Little Brown Suitcase

If you want to go easy on the matching game, try getting these personalized clothes hangers! They’re subtle, yet super useful!


4. Plush slippers

Photo via Forget Me Knot Wed

If your feet are going to be in heels all day, you might want to get them ready by getting a hold of these super comfy looking plush slippers!


5. Sweet cocktail stirrers 

Photo via Suzy Q Designs

If you’re up for some sophisticated big girl drinks, you can have these matching cocktail stirrers for your bridal party! Aren’t they gorgeous?


6. Monogrammed mugs

Photo via Style Dahlia

Matching mugs are also cute and handy! Getting ready with your bridesmaids is also much more fun over cups of tea or coffee!


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