Every Bride Prepping for Her Wedding Can Relate to Taylor Swift’s ‘Delicate’ Music Video

So I’m pretty sure you have all seen Taylor Swift’s new music video, ‘Delicate’. Some say it’s an ode to her fans, while others say it’s about her new actor beau. But one thing we do know is that brides prepping for their wedding day can see themselves in Taylor’s shoes with her new music video! Check out how we can all relate below!



1.  Seeing all the food you can’t eat on your new diet


2. Going to all the dress fitting with your bridesmaids


3. Finding a wedding dress that’s fashionable AND functional


4. Looking at the bills for your wedding day


5. Practicing your surprise dance number for your soon-to-be husband


6. Checking to see if the new skincare routine is working


7. Joining a new fitness class before the big day


8. Practicing your perfect smile for the wedding day photos


9. Realizing that there are just a few weeks left until your wedding


10. Remembering you’re about to get married to the love of your life!


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