7 Cool Ways You Can Propose to Your Groomsmen

Hey, everyone! We recently made a list of the cutest bridesmaid proposal ideas, and we thought that the groom’s men deserve all the love and attention too. When it comes to proposing to your guy friends, you want to make sure that they say YES instantly. So, we scoured the internet for the coolest groomsmen proposal ideas and listed the best ones just for you! Come and check them out!


1. Ask them with a drink

Photo via All Things Etching

Fill this personalized bottle with their favorite drink and ask them straight away! I’m sure your groomsmen would love to have this addition for their mini bar!


2. Give them a six-pack

Photo via Personalization Mall

Okay, I bet that wasn’t the six pack that you were expecting, but it’s just as cool, don’t you think? Your friends would certainly love a good supply of their go-to drink. And the materials for this proposal are easy to find too!


3. Send them this fancy card

Photo via Forevery Moment Co.

If you like proposals with minimal effort, then you can just send your bros this fancy card. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but sending them one that looks like a VIP pass is a plus!


4. Get all their favorites and put it in a box

Photo via The Vow Stationers

If you can’t think of anything specific, grab everything that reminds them of you, and put them in a big box like this! You can also include things that will be useful for them on the wedding day!


5. Gift them with something practical

Photo via Leatherology

This monogrammed travel tag is a perfect groomsman proposal prop, especially for a destination wedding! It’s something that they can bring everywhere with them too!


6. Prepare a survival kit

Photo via Mark and Graham

Leave them no reason to reject you by sending a survival kit along with your invite! Some essentials you should include are toothbrush, tissues, and shaving cream.


7. Get them these cufflinks that say it all

Photo via Hart Papery

Have them suit up for your wedding by giving them the right accessories! Wooden cufflinks with some gorgeous engraving are perfect for rustic weddings. But of course you can also choose to get something that would suit your theme!


So what do you think of these proposal ideas? For all the gents out there, no need to worry much about completing your crew. If you got your girl to say yes, this proposal should be a piece of cake!


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