8 Cute and Creative Ways to Propose to your Bridesmaids!

Ahh… bridesmaids. They play such an important role in your wedding—they keep the bride in check, they’re a great support system, and they can even help with the wedding planning. In fact, their role is so important that inviting them to your big day should be made more special too. So we’ve rounded up a few cute and clever ways you can ask your gal pals to be your bridesmaids!


1. Ask with a box of chocolates

Photo via Beau-Coup

Of course, I had to start with the sweetest way possible. Proposing with chocolates is perfect for your bridesmaid who’s got a sweet tooth! Besides, it’s simple, easy, and 100% delicious!


2. Send them a gift box

Photo via The White Invite

Wedding planning is no walk in the park–for both you and your bridesmaids! Send them a gift box full of relaxing goodies just so that they’re prepared beforehand. You don’t even have to spend much with this kind of proposal because you can definitely do it yourself!


3. Pop the question with a box full of their favorite items

Photo via Glamulet

Who can resist a box filled with their favorite things? A well-thought-of gift like this would also let them know that you truly know and thought of them when you were choosing your bridesmaids.


4. Give them a personalized mug 

Photo via The Letter Loft

Now I know personalized mugs aren’t entirely new but admit it, customizing it like this and having the print at the bottom of the mug instead of on the outside is pretty clever!


5. Send them monogrammed jewelry

Photo via House of Monogram PH

Step up your personalization game and ask your bridesmaids with some gorgeous monogrammed jewelry! Make it extra unique and special by using your own handwriting.


6. Give them these knotted stud earrings

Photo via Not on the High Street

Because before you and your mister tie the knot, you need to strengthen the one with your gal pals first! And who would have the heart to say no to this dainty piece?


7. Give a gift that’s got some heft to it

Photo via TJ’s Clear Art

Here’s a different idea: Write a letter where you tell bridesmaids why you want them to be a part of your bridal tribe, keep it in place with a personalized paperweight (that they can totally keep on their desk forever). Viola, you’ve got yourself a perfect proposal!


8. Mail them a special handmade letter!

Photo via Ink Scribbler

If all else fails, you can always just send them a card–but of course, it can’t be just any other card! Something like this handmade watercolor piece will surely do the trick.


There you have it, ladies! I hope you had fun scrolling through this list of bridesmaid proposal ideas. Once you get all of them to say yes, you can go straight ahead and plan out their outfits too. Happy planning!


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