Stylish and Sleek Wardrobe Options For Guests to Wear to a Beach Wedding

Have you ever wracked your brains trying to pick an outfit for a beach wedding? Should you go for something formal or casual? If it’s formal, how formal is formal–definitely not a gown and stilettos. If it’s casual, how casual is casual? Playing around with white, neutral colored, and plain patterned wardrobe pieces can definitely complete a chic and stylish beach look for wedding guests. Plus, you can always mix and match to fit the theme of the wedding. Take a look at a few wardrobe options you and your partner can opt for when you next go to a beach wedding!


For Women

1. Jumpsuits

Studio 17


2. Off-shoulder and Tube Tops

A: Wear Anika | B: Mango


3. Trousers



4. Mini Skirts

A: Zara | B: Studio 17


5. Sleeveless Tops



6. Breezy Dresses

A: Lola & Daisies | B: Mango


For Men

1. Short-sleeved Polos



2. Shorts



3. Trousers



4. Long-sleeved Polos



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