6 Beauty Products You Can Use to Have An Effortless Bridal Glow

One of the most exciting things about getting engaged is definitely getting that bridal glow that everyone talks about! When the glow and beauty radiate from within, you know it’s real! Of course, sometimes we might need just a little extra help to achieve the perfect effortless bridal look. So we’ve listed down a few products that are extra easy to use even on-the-go and perfectly suited for busy brides! Check out our list below!



1. Imagination Tints

Photo via Radioactive Mushrooms

Highly pigmented, vegan, and all-natural, these color tints are your next beauty staple. Get imaginative and experiment with all the colors for your perfect bridal glow look.


2. I Pink I Love You Kit

Photo via Benefit Cosmetics

If you’re looking for an all-in-one type of kit you can bring with you everywhere you go, you might want to check out this gem! With a highlighter, mascara, tint, and a blush, your glowy bridal look is set.


3. White Wedding Dream Cream

Photo via Banila Co.

Of course, the best glow comes from within! Give your skin the extra care it needs by properly moisturizing day and night. For the extra luminous finish, try this pearlescent cream that brightens scars and dark spots. Tip: Apply a layer before putting on your foundation for a dewy and radiant glow.


4. Moisturizing Lipsticks

Photo via RRaw PH

Take advantage of the new year by getting yourself one of these limited edition lippies! Coming from a brand that prides itself on being all-organic, these lippies are extra creamy and moisturizing–perfect for a busy bride!


5. Pot Rogue

Photo via Bobbi Brown

Who doesn’t love multifunctional and versatile products? Whether you apply it on your cheeks for a naturally flushed look, or on your lips for a soft and stained finish, you’re going to fall in love with this! Plus, it’s easily blendable with your fingers, making it extra easy to get that bridal glow.


6. Fresh Glow Highlighter Pen from Happy Skin 

Photo via Happy Skin Cosmetics

If we’re talking about glowing skin, we can’t forget about highlighter products! With just one swipe, you can have that extra radiance to complete your look.


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