10 Girls Reveal Where Their Partners Hid The Engagement Ring Before the Proposal!

Last month, we took to social media to ask our brides and soon-to-weds where their partners hid their engagement ring before they popped the question. We enjoyed reading your answers so much that we decided to share them with the rest of our readers. Read on for some of the funniest, cutest, and most heartwarming stories of where he hid the ring.

In his bag! Later on, he gave it to the flight attendant minutes before he proposed. Yes, in an airplane, at 30,000 feet. - Minette Meneses-Cocamas

On the holder of my coffee cup. 😊 He hid it so well I didn't even notice it was actually there. My gosh! - Hanie Grace Reodava

After buying the engagement ring, he couldn’t wait for Valentine's Day, so he immediately headed to my workplace. I was at McDonald's getting some coffee. He proposed right then and there! He said he was so excited and didn’t know where to hide the ring! - Gia Ermoso Odion

First, it was in a basket under our computer table. But when he saw me rummaging through it one time, he transferred it to the CPU of our computer. 🙄 He had it for two years! And no, I did not catch him. 😅 - Frances Angela Jaojoco-Peralta

He bought one and kept it for a year before having the guts to propose to me on his birthday. - Erina Nunag

At the bottom of my dessert. Hahaha! - Christine Anne Flores

He hid it in my bag without me knowing! I think he was so tense that he literally broke the buckle of my favorite leather bag when I asked him to get my phone out for me. I didn't think much of it until I got into the car, and he excitedly proposed. ❤️ - Anj Hainto

He put the ring inside an iPhone box. I thought it was a phone. LOL! - Aileen Liwasan-Bautista

He hid it inside his backpack when he just arrived from KSA last February 2017. He just handed it over, and when I saw it, I was so speechless. I didn't say anything but I hugged him so tightly and I cried. It's not that easy being together for nine years (two of which were long distance because of his work). But now, we're happily married! - Aejeong Alps

He was wearing it on his pinky while driving to the "proposal spot". I was too busy on my phone to notice! - Angel Oriel-Lucilo


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