8 Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas You Can Give to Your Partner

The season of giving is fast approaching! One of the things we are always excited about during the holidays is the exchange of gifts. Nothing can describe that warm and fuzzy feeling of seeing the look on their faces when you know you’ve gotten them the perfect gift! If you’re in a rut for ideas, we’ve listed down a few things you might want to check out! From something personal you both could enjoy to something you know your partner needs (but doesn’t know it yet!), there’s something for each and every type of partner.


1. Tote bags and Multi-purpose Bags

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Every woman knows that one can never have too many bags! It’s incredible how we will never stop trying to fit our entire lives in one bag. For your special lady, you might want to give them a spacious tote for them to place all their belongings in or a multi-purpose bag that could keep her organized!


2. A Staycation Trip

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 Who would say no to an unforgettable getaway in some place like Coron? There is just so much to do–island hopping, snorkeling and eating breakfast with a stunning view of the beach. To make things easier, you can always check out budget-friendly packages to make sure everything goes smoothly and just the way you want it to!

3. Wooden Desk Organizers

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It’s so easy to lose track of things you actually use quite often. We tend to unconsciously leave them in places we can’t remember. Sometimes, we even leave them in places we couldn’t even imagine placing them in! To help you keep things in check, check out these wooden organizers! For both ladies and gents, you can manage to keep things you use on the daily like car keys, wallet, and your phone in one place to make it easier for you!


4. Scents and Perfumes

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Go for a no-fail gift by surprising them with hand-blended natural perfumes! You can choose from a variety of scents depending on what your partner’s preference on scent is like. If they’re looking for something they can easily bring with them, you could also get them roll-on oil perfumes they can just conveniently put in their bags wherever they go.


5. Personalized Leather Goods

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There’s just something about personalized gifts that makes you appreciate it all the more. You can have their name embossed on a cardholder, passport holder or even a bag tag.


6. Bleeves (Blanket Sleeves)

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Have you ever heard of Bleeves? They’re one of the comfiest things in the world! Now you can wear your extremely soft blanket while you work, watch a movie or laze around. Who said you can’t buy comfort?


7. Fitbit

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Keep track of the calories you burn and the steps you take with a fitness watch! Perfect for your partner who loves working out and managing their weight.


Did you love these ideas? Share what you’ll get for your partner in the comments below!

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