Which Engagement Ring Cut Matches your Personality?

We know for a fact that finding a life partner is a serious matter, but finding the perfect engagement ring is also another business to take seriously. After all, it’ll also be on your finger for the rest of your life, so you might really want to consider something that reflects your personality, something that speaks to you! So we made this short quiz to help you find out which engagement ring cut speaks volumes about your personality!

Describe your sense of fashion.

What is your favorite color?

Which pair of shoes appeals to you the most?

Where is your happy place?

What's the most important thing inside your bag?

What characteristic best describes you?

How do you envision your wedding?

Which Style Of Engagement Ring Should You Get?

You got Emerald! This is a classic cut that exudes elegance and charm. You're stylish without being too loud. This also means that you are bold, straightforward, and efficient.

You got Heart! This shape is a symbol of love and pure romanticism. It could also mean that you're dreamy, sentimental, emotional, and thoughtful.

You got Oval! This is nearly similar to the traditional round cut but shows a bit of creativity and individuality. It means you're artistic and sophisticated too!

You got Round! This is the most popular style for engagement rings. You appreciate the beauty of classic style. This means that you're conservative, honest, and faithful.

You got Teardrop! Also called pear, this unusual shape basically shows that you want to stand out for your unique and edgy style. Most of the time, you also like to play by your own rules.

You got Princess! This shape is still traditional in style, but with a modern touch. As its name signifies, it means that you're feminine, dainty, and want to be treated just like a real princess.

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