5 Pretty Wedding Color Combinations That Go Well With Purple

Decided on your wedding colors yet? Purple, a crowd favorite wedding color, is getting the spotlight today for the most recent dose of wedding color combinations! It has a lot of hues under its belt, such as lavender, lilac, plum, indigo, and violet, to name a few. But all of them scream elegance and are all fit to have a spot in your wedding’s color scheme. We know it can get confusing (there are so many options, guys!), so we’re here to help! If you’re having trouble deciding, or you had purple in mind, then this is definitely for you. Check out the fun color schemes below!

Purple Wedding Color Combinations Photo: Randolf Evan


Relentlessly Romantic

Photo: RV Mitra | Wedding: A Pretty Pink and Purple Wedding in Baguio

Who doesn’t love shades of pink and purple together?! We’re a sucker for this combo because it screams utter romance and daintiness. I can just imagine the entourage, flowers, and the favors in these hues, and it’s already making my heart dance. You have to admit, it looks gorg, and out of everything in this list, it’s the most popular.


Sweet and Sunny

Photo via: Etsy

Most people would’ve never thought of pairing yellow with purple. If you’re familiar with the color wheel, you’d realize that the two are actually complementary colors! Because of this, these two colors register just a bit brighter and more vibrant when beside each other. Tip: It’s best to put pops of these colors all over the wedding rather than making it 100% purple and yellow only!


Cool and Captivating

Photo: Meg Ruth Photography

Blue and purple go well together since both are in the cooler spectrum of the color wheel. You can use both lighter and darker shades of these colors to complement and accent your decor, flowers, and other elements. I can totally imagine either a starry night theme or winter wonderland with this one!


Effervescent Elegance

Photo: Project:Life Photography

They do say that purple is the color of royalty, and in this extremely sophisticated color combo, it’s hard to disagree. Deeper shades of purple can make for a stunning accent color–one that many brides don’t usually get to experiment with. While lilac is still present, the rich purple shade really steals the show! Care to try experimenting with this bolder look?


Fun and Fresh

Photo via: Burnett’s Boards

If you thought mixing purple and green together would only result in something Barney-like, then you thought wrong! The key is to really keep things from getting too overwhelming. This is great if you’re planning a mostly minimalist wedding but want a pop of color. Consider lavender to be your pick in the sea of greens and whites! Picture a garden wedding where you want nature to shine, with the help of a romantic color.


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