Awkward Wedding Situations and How to Handle Them

Weddings are generally fun celebrations where everyone comes together for your special day. In your head, you must be picturing that it’s going to be the best, most special day ever! And in theory, that’s true… but it’s also good to be prepared to handle awkward situations that may happen on your wedding day. What could these be and what are possible ways to handle them? We’re dishing out some tips for you below!

What Do You Do In These Awkward Wedding Situations?



1. Someone you didn’t invite shows up.

This actually isn’t as uncommon as you think–sometimes, other people think it’s okay to bring a plus one to your wedding, and that you won’t mind, notice, or make it a big deal. And you really shouldn’t break a sweat because of this! Simply inform your MOH or coordinator to fix the issue, and let them handle it. A couple extra people shouldn’t bring you down, but instead, you should just focus on having fun and making the day even more awesome.


2. Your friend drank more than he thought he was capable of.

Whoops, looks like we’ve got a drunk guest on the loose! Before doing anything, try to gauge how intoxicated your guest is. If you know this person, and he’s not the type to get all rowdy, then you can gently let his friends or companions handle it for you. But if it’s the loud kind of drunk that’s causing unnecessary attention, it’s understandable if you want your guest to step out for some air in order for him to regain his bearings. If you wanted a fun and loud party to begin with, then roll with it and just ask the guest’s friends to keep an eye on him–we’re sure they can handle him, so no need to feel worried!


3. Realizing you invited two people with history.

Whether they were exes or simply two old friends who are no longer friends, you have to brace yourself with the fact that you’re putting those people in one place, so it might be possible for them to run into each other. The solution? Seat them as far away as possible, for one, and enlist help from your other guests to make sure that nothing goes awry. Of course, since it’s your big day, informing the involved parties beforehand would also probably help. At least they won’t be caught off guard, and you’ll have some kind of reassurance that they know what to do already as well.


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