7 Things Brides Can Pick Up From the Gorgeous Italian Wedding of L’Officiel Editor-in-Chief Pam Quinones

Top stylist and L’Officiel editor-in-chief, Pam Quinones, tied the knot a few days ago in Puglia, Italy with her now husband Chris Allison, and it was pure gorgeousness. It was nothing overly flashy, but it sure was a head turner wedding. We thought of a few things brides could learn from the fashion-forward couple, so don’t forget to take down notes!


1. Break the rules for your entourage! It can look pretty darn amazing.

We have to admit, we held our breaths for a few seconds when we saw the bridal party look of Pam! Going for different styles and fabrics in white (yes, yes, yes to this!), was a really chic idea that deserves a round of applause! The dresses were mostly made by Martin Bautista, and he got the countryside chicness down to a T! This is one of those times when you can boldly claim, #squadgoals.


2. Cheese is life… ALWAYS!

How do you get your guests to enjoy your wedding at a totally different level? With CHEESE! (Look at Pam and Chris’ cheese table!) This always works–we guarantee it!


3. It’s not just about the wedding.

The pre and post festivities can be just as wonderful as the wedding itself. These are actually the times when you can really relax and enjoy some time with your guests! Don’t just get caught up in putting all your efforts in the wedding itself. Welcome dinners, pre-wedding dinners, post-wedding food trips or activities can extend the whole wedding experience.

P.S. – The welcome dinner looked spectacular! And the hats were a nice touch too–just brilliant!


4. Personal touches are always appreciated.

These personalized cards and tambourines are a great example of making your guests feel that you had them in mind from the very beginning. Plus, it definitely makes for the prettiest IG photos!


5. Being you can totally pay off.

Now Pam’s dress, no matter how beautiful it is, may not be for every bride. But we totally love her for not feeling restricted to just follow what a bride “should” look like. In the end, she totally owned a unique bridal look that we will be remembering for years! This concept isn’t only for daring brides though, there are hundreds of ideas out there that can fit any type of bride–you just need to be willing to check out other ideas. And just so you know, Pam’s stunning dress was a collaboration between Rajo Laurel and Norman Rene Devera. Bravo! Speaking of being you, we love how the couple drove themselves in a vintage Fiat 500 too!


6. Vows can be fun and out of the box.

Check out Chris’ vows to Pam. Yeah, please pass the tissue!

“I promise to drive you during endless hours of Manila traffic, and complain no more (she hates it when I complain). I promise to set all the clocks in our house two hours ahead so you’re never late again to anything. I promise to have everlasting patience with your endless wardrobe options and changes when we’re trying to get ready to leave the house, and more patience with the last minute changes to the changes of the last changes of the options. In case you didn’t know, Michaelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel faster than she gets ready. Pam, you are my Carrie Bradshaw, but sorry for Big and Aidan, this story ends with Allison.”


7. And of course, a wedding is a great reason to get dolled up.

Check out what the guests wore to this wedding below.



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