What the Colors of Your Bouquet Actually Mean

Are you pinning pictures of flowers or bouquets that you like on your Pinterest board? That’s great! But besides the kinds of flowers that you like, you might want to pay attention to the colors that you’re getting too. Today, we’re sharing a bit of trivia with you, and it’s all about flower colors and their meanings. So, if you want your bouquet to be more than just a delightful accessory on your big day, check out what these flower colors mean and how you can insert them in your wedding.

What the Colors of Your Bouquet Actually Mean


Blue Serenity, Peace, Openness
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While blue flowers are rare, the color blue usually invites a sense of peace and calm (like the ocean and the sky). You can try flowers like irises and hyacinths if you’re going for a blue bouquet.


Green Optimism, Resilience, Good fortune
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The color green is associated with nature, and usually invokes optimism and good fortune. If you want a green bouquet, you can try flowers like hydrangeas and orchids.


Orange Excitement, resilience, gratitude
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A bold color, orange usually means excitement and exuberance. So if you want to show that in your bouquet, you can try lilies and dahlias.


Pink Grace, Gentility, Gentleness
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Pink’s a favorite when it comes to weddings. Besides it being a classic wedding color, it also symbolizes grace and gentleness. Think: roses and dahlias.


Purple Admiration, Dignity, Accomplishment
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When you hear purple, what word comes to mind? Royal? You’d be correct. Also associated with the color are dignity and accomplishment. So if you’re looking to add some purple to your bouquet, you might want to try some calla lilies and asters.


Red Passion, Desire, Strength
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Red is the color of love. Bold, daring, and passionate–it’s a color that’s definitely striking! Want some red flowers in your bouquet? Try roses and carnations.


White Purity, Humility, Innocence
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If red is bold and daring, then white is the complete opposite. It’s simple, understated, and never tries to take the spotlight. It’s humble and pure. You can look at orchids and lilies if you plan on having a white bouquet.


Yellow Lightheartedness, Friendship, New Beginnings
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Bright and cheerful, yellow flowers symbolize lightheartedness and new beginnings–perfect for the new life you and your soon-to-be hubby will have. You can check out sunflowers and tulips for yellow flowers.


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