8 Signs You’re Single But Totally Love Weddings

You know what your wedding dress will look like. You already have the color of your bridesmaids’ dresses. You have the perfect venue in mind, and you even know the band you’ll call for your wedding entertainment. You’re pretty much set, right? Well, there’s just one teeny tiny thing missing. The groom. No, not even the groom–the fiancé. Actually, you have to have a boyfriend first before you have a fiancé. People may think you’re crazy. Who is this girl–looking at wedding pegs when she’s not even close to being engaged? But you don’t mind them because you like it and you have fun. We all have our crazy obsessions–and this is one of ours. So if any of you ladies out there share our crazy obsession, we’re sure you’ll be able to relate to almost all of these.

8 Signs You're Single But Totally Love Weddings


1. When you instantly perk up at the word “wedding”

Did someone say wedding?


2. When you have a Weddings board on Pinterest

Oh you know, just in case…


3. When you’ve got your wedding theme down to a T

Color? Pssh. I’ve got the dress designs and the entertainment too!


4. When you can quote The Wedding Planner and 27 Dresses

You know “those who can’t do, teach?” Well, those who can’t wed, plan.


5. When you have the first draft of your future guest list

Of course you’re still waiting to add the groom’s side of the family!


6. When you spend hours on Vimeo watching (what else?) wedding videos

Yes, they’re people you don’t know–but you’re bawling your eyes out anyway.


7. When you go shoe shopping and think oh, wouldn’t this go well with my nonexistent wedding dress?

Happens All. The. Time.


8. When you’ve already told your friends they’ll be bridesmaids

Even though the groom has no idea.


So to all you single ladies out there who are already planning your wedding, you do you ladies. So what if people think we’re a (little) insane? Dreaming and planning for your wedding is so much fun! And you shouldn’t let anyone take away your joy.


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