So, Your Ex Just Got Engaged… Now What?

In today’s world of fast-paced news and social media, getting updates from all of our connections online is getting easier than ever. From the cutest and funniest stories, to the most shocking and gruesome events, it’s all there–just like how you’ll probably learn about your ex’s engagement. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, engaged yourself, or even already married, the news can make you feel weird at best. But if you dated a little bit more recently and got blindsided by this revelation, then it could get tough. We’re here for you!

1. Process the info and take your time.

Depending on how hard the news will hit you, it might be better to digest the news first and let the idea sink in. You’re not required to send your congratulations, and your ex won’t hold it against you. Remember: They’re not posting that announcement to gloat or rub it in your face, but rather, they want to share the good news with their family and friends–and that’s completely normal too. It’s alright to feel stunned, but just keep your emotions in check.

2. And you can definitely call for back-up!

Your girlfriends are going to be there for you, that’s for sure. So if you want to let off some steam, express your thoughts, or maybe even cry about it, go call your besties and let it all out. Releasing it is a good way to just get it out of your system. Girl, it’s going to be okay!

3. Consider hiding the updates.

If you feel that you’re strong enough to handle all the succeeding posts that will inevitably come afterward, then you don’t have to do this step. But if it makes you more comfortable, then you’re welcome to mute it all first. That’s what account preferences are for!

4. Get up and get moving.

Instead of wallowing in despair, this could be the perfect time to get up, get out, and just remind yourself that there are still a lot of things you could be doing! Distracting yourself by doing productive and positive things can significantly improve your mood.

5. Give yourself some self-love.

It could be helpful for you to remember why things didn’t work for you guys. Ultimately, this doesn’t mean that anything’s wrong with you, but just that someone else, someone better is destined to be with you. The same is true for your ex. Love is not a competition, and as cliché as it may sound, it’s something that will suddenly appear right around the corner without you even knowing it. While that’s yet to happen, just enjoy whatever stage you’re in in your life, and trust that everything will fall into place.

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