Reasons Why A Beauty and the Beast Inspired Wedding Is Just the Thing You Need

Beauty and the Beast is out, and we can’t wait to watch it! But while we’re waiting, we came up with a few reasons why a Beauty and the Beast inspired wedding would be sooo perfect! So, if you’ve dreamed of being a Disney princess (we know we have!), then you’ve got to check this out for some inspiration!


1. Because a grand ballroom will totally make you feel like a Disney princess

Totally Emma Watson

If you watched the trailer over and over (like we did), then your jaws must have dropped when you saw the ballroom. Right? The chandeliers and golden candelabras (although not talking ones) are just some of the reasons we love the ballroom in the Beast’s castle. Can you get any more grand than that?


2. Because roses are oh-so-romantic!

Digital Spy

Beauty and the Beast wouldn’t be the same without… the rose of course. The gorgeous red rose is so romantic! Fill your wedding with beautiful roses, and you’ll surely get the Beauty and the Beast vibe!


3. Because Belle’s hairstyle was simple yet elegant

Totally Emma Watson

It’s simple, still classy, and elegant. We don’t know how she does it, but Belle is fast becoming our #hairgoals.


4. Because THE DRESS

Flicks and the City Clips

I mean… this is THE iconic yellow dress. Now, you don’t have to have a yellow dress to imitate Belle’s iconic dress. Even the one in this year’s movie is different from the 1991 animated one. We just love how it flows and glides when she dances with the Beast!


And if you’re wondering what it looks like when everything’s put together… Ta da!

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