7 Unique Forms of Transportation for Your Wedding

When we hear the word wedding, we automatically think of things like the dress, venue, flowers, and decor. Most times, transportation skips our minds because of all the other widely associated and more important wedding details. But we can’t just put transportation aside, it’s important too. It’s a means to get to your wedding after all. While most people settle for normal wedding transportation, we’re here today to bring you some unique wedding transportation that just might be worth checking out. We promise, there will be at least a few cool things in there!

7 Unique Forms Of Transportation For Your Wedding


Kalesas There's just something so romantic about a horse-drawn carriage! These wedding kalesas will go really well with a traditional Filipiñana theme.
A. Fresh Minds Photography | B. Photomaya Production


Vintage Cars These vintage cars will definitely add a touch of class and charm to your wedding. Check out that spruced up vintage car!
A. A Bryan Photo | B. Bryan Venancio


Jeepneys Did you ever think that you could use a jeepney for your wedding transportation? Well these folks sure make us want to!
A. Metrophoto | B. Paopao Sanchez


Luxury Cars Nothing screams fancy like a luxury car. Make your day extra special with these sweet rides!
A. Weddings Zone | B. Soul Steer


Sailboats Sailboats are very popular, especially for beach weddings. Have your names put on the sail and voila, you've added your own personal touch!
A. Bordoy Photography | B. Mayad Studios


Skateboards For the fun lovers, for the sporty ones, (and for the people who can skateboard without falling on their faces), this is an option too! Dare to be different, and wow your guests with your mad skills.
A. Figlewicz Photography | B. Icons Photography


Vespas Here's another wedding transportation idea. Vespas are perfect for you and your groom to cruise in, and enjoy some great scenery.
A. Erika Gerdemark Photography | B. Weddbook


So what do you think? Will you be getting on board with these unique wedding transportation ideas? Let us know in the comments below!


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