Which of These 8 Kinds of Bridal Bouquets Fit Your Style?

Contrary to what most people think, the bridal bouquet doesn’t just vary because of the flowers you want to include in it. How it’s arranged and the overall style of the bouquet also helps! There are quite a number of bridal bouquet styles, as we’ll be showing you below. Try to see which one’s up your street!

A pageant bouquet, also known as arm sheath, looks precisely like the bouquets we see our beauty queens carry. It is held with one hand and the flowers and foliage rest on the arm. It's usually long-stemmed and is perfect for a more modern and grand wedding celebration. If you wanna have that Miss Universe feeling, maybe this bouquet is The One for you!

Cascading bouquets look quite unique, yet they are one of the most traditional and formal styles out there. The arrangement makes it seem like the flowers are "spilling" from the bride's hands, as the flowers flow downward. This will surely make a statement in your overall look; so if you're planning on having a simple ensemble, then this bouquet might bring in the ooomph you were looking for.

This one's becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Hand-tied bouquets are loose floral arrangements that are bunched together and tied with a ribbon by the stems. It can include lots of types of flowers and is perfect for those laid-back weddings with a less formal feel. Think: bohemian or beach weddings.

A round bouquet is exactly what its name says: round. Usually characterized by flowers arranged in the same family or color to form a very circular bouquet, it is a stiffer and simpler kind of arrangement.

Posy bouquets are small and compact, yet very versatile when it comes to arrangement. In the Philippines, it is more commonly seen with the bridesmaids--but a minimalist bride can carry one as well! The stems are a bit longer, usually tied together, and may be bejeweled.

The nosegay and posy may look quite similar, but you can find the difference in the leaves. Nosegays mostly have more greens and foliage in the arrangement than flowers. The stems are also quite shorter and similar to a round bouquet in terms of length. If you want to go for more greens, you'll like this style better!

Pomander bouquets are essentially round bouquets without the stems. They are designed to be hung on a chain and string, dangling as you carry it while walking down the aisle. Admittedly, this style isn't as popular as it was before, but it's still very unique and can be really chic when pulled off correctly!

Composite bouquets are roundish, with open floral arrangements consisting of many petals from only one kind of flower. It is arranged to look as if the flower you are holding is huge. These are nice if you want to get really particular about the theme and color of your wedding, or if you want to minimize the need for having too many flowers.


If you didn’t know about the different types of bridal bouquets before, we’re happy to bring you up to speed! Did this change your mind about the type of floral arrangements you want at your wedding, whether carried by yourself or the entourage? Let us know!


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