How To Clean Your Engagement Ring in 3 Simple Steps!

Your engagement ring will stay with you forever–long after he pops the question and you both start a family together. It’ll be one of the most precious jewelry you own, so it makes sense for you to know how to properly clean and care for it! Sounds intimidating, but it’s actually quite simple. We came up with a short how-to video for all you ladies out there who want to make sure that their engagement ring will be in tip top shape all the time. We hope you enjoy it!

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  1. It’s actually better to use mild dish washing soap. Just a pea size drop will do wonders. Diamond attracts oil, and dust and dish washing liquid removes all the grime and dirt to make it extra sparkly. Just a small drop in water, you can soak it from 5-10 mins depending on how dirty it is. Gently brush it and make sure you dedicate only one cleaning brush for your ring, don’t use it for anything else. And rinse, voila!!

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