6 Ways Kids Can Have Fun in Your Wedding

Since Filipinos are family-centric, it’s almost unavoidable for kids not to be present in your wedding. While an “adults only” wedding might solve this, it’s not a popular choice–you might also be really looking forward to seeing your nieces, nephews, and godchildren. If you’re anticipating a lot of kids on your wedding, then it might be worthy to throw these details in your planning.

1. Serve kid-friendly food.

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No, this does not mean that your menu should suffer. Rather, include some options that kids will surely love like spaghetti and dessert. You can even have a special dessert bar table for them. (And the adults too!)


2. Have an activity/kid’s area just for them.

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If they’re going to be a lot, then you can probably seat them somewhere different from their parents. They can meet and talk with other kids and have more fun this way–but make sure they’re supervised by a guardian or two just to be safe!


3. Make them feel they’re part of the wedding.

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Engaging with the kids also keeps them excited. Have them be flower girls, ring bearers, bible bearers, and even signage bearers–they’ll be hyped for sure! Just check out this sweet little flower girl in this wedding.


4. Engage them in arts and crafts.

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You can identify which tables will have kids in them and place crayons with coloring sheets to keep them entertained during the reception program.


5. Have interactive games at the reception.

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And nope, this doesn’t only mean having them join you in the program–you can even have fun outdoor games for them to play, like a life-size Jenga game or have a bouncy castle!


6. Have age-appropriate wedding favors for them.

[Photo: Something Turquoise via Wedding Paper Divas]
Giving them a small treat like a sticker notebook or coloring set can lift their spirits just enough.


Having kids on your wedding day can be super fun too! Thinking about them during planning means everyone will be having fun. We hope that this list gave you ideas on how to entertain the little ones, and do share stuff you think would be fun too!

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