The Perfect Ring Cut Suited for Your Fianceé

Men, shopping for the perfect engagement ring for your fianceé has a lot to do with style and what fits her personality. Among all the other rings you’ll lay your eyes on, there will be one that will undoubtedly stand out and call your attention–this is it, the perfect one for her! How will you know? Read through our article and try to see which one will fit her best!

[Ring: Pop Ring]
Definitely for someone who has refined and elegant taste. This lady is your dream girl in all ways, and this is the ring that will make her say yes.


[Ring: Zakvi Jewels]
For the sweet and fun-loving woman who gives her heart in everything she does. It’s like literally giving your heart to her. That may sound cliché, but it’s something you know she’ll fall head over heels for!



[Ring: De Beers Jewellery]
Daring but not too over the top, this is a girl who likes a twist in everything she does. She’s adventurous, funny, and also knows when to be serious. Pick the oval cut!


[Ring: DKB Jewelry Designs]
This ethereal square cut is perfect for your sweet and darling girlfriend. She has a sweetness to her that no one you know has paralleled. But she’s also tough as nails–just like a true princess.


[Ring: Christoper Reid Fine Jewellery]
A teardrop or pear cut will beautifully suit someone who loves the unconventional. Her eclectic yet amazing taste is what made you fall in love with her in the first place! And come on, it’s so pretty!


[Photo: The Knot]
For the bold and bright lady, go for a radiant cut. It’s big and demands attention, just like how you can’t keep your eyes off of her.


[Ring: Ritani]
Your lady is someone who’s brilliant, traditional, and classic. A round cut is perfect for her–it goes well with anything, just like how she’s mastered to get along with anyone she meets.


We hope this helped you lads choose which ring cut to pick! Or ladies, maybe you can give your man a hint. Wink Enjoy engagement ring hunting!

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