These Beautiful Floral Dresses Would Be Something You Want Your Bridesmaids To Wear

Bridesmaid dresses have started becoming less traditional and more experimental nowadays, and we’re totally digging it. While matching dresses are still as timeless as ever and preferred by most, some adventurous and creative brides have started instructing their entourage to wear something mismatched, and this time, even printed! Floral prints, to be exact! And they’re actually really pretty. Check them out!

1. It was pretty hard to miss Belle Daza’s entourage in all their pastel-colored floral beauty. Just look how effortlessly elegant these dresses look on them! Something like this can be achieved by giving your entourage pegs and a color scheme. In the end, their looks all still fit together like a puzzle piece. Check out the wedding here.

[Photo: Pat Dy]

2. If you don’t want all of them to don floral print dresses, then you can just assign it to a few! It can give the much-needed pop of print in your bride tribe and overall mood of your wedding. Check out these pretty combos below! See more of the dresses in this wedding.

[Photo: Polk Wedding Studios]
 Now, don’t these look darling?

[Photo: Rachael Ellen Events]

3. As I said earlier, matching bridesmaid dresses are still a thing–so why not just go for all floral prints like this one? The whole thing just looks so dreamy!

[Photo: Sawyer Baird]

4. You can also have them wear muted tones, like gray, but vary the cut of the dresses. They also don’t have to be floor length–short dresses work just as well, too! Look how well everything turned out at this wedding.

[Photo: Myio Okamoto]

5. Ahhh, I can stare at them the whole day…

[Photo: Bridal Musings]
[Photo: Dress for the Wedding]

6. You can definitely go for something bold, too!

[Photo: ASOS]
[Photo: Wedding Chicks]

Inspired to take your entourage’s look to the next level? Can’t blame you! Have fun conceptualizing your bridesmaids’ looks!

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