9 Garden Wedding Ceremony Designs That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

I think we can all agree that garden weddings are a thing of beauty! The refreshing sight of greenery can totally brighten things up, and we love all the creative ceremony set-ups we’ve been seeing in Pinterest and various real weddings. Are you ready for all the prettiness? Go ahead and scroll below!

1. This super neat idea of having a circular seating arrangement on your big day looks so cool! Loving the white on white decor here–definitely spells out elegance! [Photo: Tony Page]


2. How unique can this one get? Of course greens would look fabulous in a garden wedding ceremony–that’s basically their home turf! [Photo: Green Wedding Shoes]


3. This wooden arch with cascading leaves and florals look sooo romantic, don’t you agree? Check out the wedding here. [Photo: One Happy Story]


4. This one just looks like a fairytale with the tall trees and the vibe of a garden merging with the forest. The billowy curtains and soft petals on the ground really tie everything together. [Photo: Deer Pearl Flowers]


5. Lights! They can definitely transform the look of your ceremony area. It’s also a nice idea if you plan on having your wedding in the late afternoon. Doesn’t it look so perfect? [Photo: Elizabeth Anne Designs]


6. Sometimes, the simplest set-ups can still be eye-catching. And of course, you can’t really go wrong with adding pink flowers to your wedding! Catch this wedding on the blog. [Photo: Air Balloon Project]


7. And look at these lush flowers! Instantly one of my favorites. It looks so fun and festive, yet still utterly romantic! [Photo: Junebug Weddings]


8. Or you can just line the path with ethereal flowers like these lavenders! This S-shaped aisle looks lively and delightful to walk on. [Photo: Colin Cowie Weddings]


9. This wedding by a tree is just so romantic. That’s nature working wonders here, folks–something decor can’t replicate! See more here. [Photo: MangoRed]


Did you enjoy all the beauty you saw up there? Garden weddings are just so charming. Soak up all that inspiration, and dream up your own creative ceremony set up! Have a lovely day!

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