5 Elegant Navy Blue Wedding Combos

Navy blue is such an elegant shade, and we love seeing it in weddings! The deep, rich color stands out, especially now that a lot of brides are opting to go for pastels and neutrals (which isn’t a bad thing!). If you’re one of the brides-to-be leaning towards navy, and you wanna mix things up, we’re here to give you ideas! After all, the color scheme of your wedding is important, and it’ll reflect in all the other details. Check out the list below!

1. Autumn Aura

This fun color scheme plays with complimentary colors (blue and orange) and mixes a cool color with a mostly warm palette (navy vs. the other three). This works so well because complimentary colors naturally enhance each other–suddenly, blues are richer and oranges are more vibrant. Pretty cool, right?

[Photo: Dan’s Photography]

2. Cool and Calm

Reminds me of winter! This quad may look simple, but it is nothing short of sophisticated. Don’t be afraid to experiment with gray either–it’s such a classy color, and it is so not boring! Pairing dark and light colors together like this result in a beautiful combination, don’t you agree?

[Photo: MODwedding]


3. Rich and Royal

Jewel tones! One of my favorites. I love how everything looks so playful yet refined at the same time. The bold tones definitely leave a statement. This is perfect if you want a colorful wedding but don’t want pastels or bright colors. The bride in white will surely stand out!

[Photo: Melissa Jill]

4. Garden Glamour

Now this is for the bride who wants to dabble into the sleek and dark look of navy, but also wants to balance it out with pops of bright color, like yellow! This is a surefire glamorous color scheme that will look so nice in a garden wedding ceremony.

[Photo: Kristen Weaver]

5. Rustic Romance

Thinking of a rustic theme for your wedding? These might be the colors suited for it! Playing around with browns is always a signature look with rustic weddings, but adding depth with navy and shimmer with gold can really create a tasteful aesthetic. It’s charming and simple, but not too bare.

[Photo: Elli]

Feeling pretty confident about your wedding colors now? We hope you are! At the end of the day, the goal is still for you to feel comfortable and satisfied with the look of your wedding, and we all know how colors play a big part in this. Happy wedding planning!

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