7 Tips to Handle the Possibility of Rain on Your Wedding Day

The weather in the Philippines is just crazy–I don’t even know when it’s sunny or going to rain half of the time anymore! With the ever changing mood of the skies, you’d better be prepared if your wedding ends up in the middle of a passing storm. But fear not, because if ever it does rain, we have tips to help you stay sane!

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1. Open that weather app!

Sure, not all forecasts are accurate, but don’t bypass this step. This is so you can at least gauge the strength of the rain on the day. Better to prepare than just rely on wishful thinking that the weather will turn out nice–even if it ends up just being a light drizzle or a 10-minute heavy downpour.


2. Let everyone know.

Be mindful that even though this is your day, your guests would surely want to know if it’s going to be insanely hot or very rainy on your wedding. You can have your MOH or wedding planner do this so your guests won’t back out at the last minute–not unless roads are hard to pass.


3. Start thinking of your photos.

It’s also a good idea to figure out where to take photos in case it rains. If you’re in a church and your reception requires travelling by car, then you have room and the time to push through with the shoot!  If you were at an outdoor wedding, then you might need to accept the fact that you’re getting wet that day–so be creative!  It might be time to pull out your umbrellas and rain boots, which brings me to the next point…


4. Welcome the rain in style.

See that photo at the top of this post? You can totally have that unique shot! Instead of getting bummed that it’s raining, you can go and get out there–open up your umbrella and have that perfect couple shot without risking your health or your dress. Besides umbrellas, maybe you can consider bringing an emergency pair of rain boots–you wouldn’t wanna step on puddles with your high heels now, wouldn’t you?


5. Don’t forget the food!

Now, another crucial part is for you to be able to secure a tent, especially for the reception area if you’re doing an outdoor wedding. You wouldn’t want to ruin your food!


6. Your suppliers will know what to do.

For sure, the suppliers you’ve hired have experienced this sort of thing. And being in this position before, you can trust them to also take care of you on the day. You can ask them for creative ideas, trust their judgement, and ultimately have fun and work with them.


7. Have fun!

Treat the rain as a “detail” of your wedding. It won’t ruin anything if you don’t let it! So use the rain to your advantage and be one of those few brave brides who had the most romantic time during their wedding even though it was raining!


Believe it or not, but rain could be THE unique element that will make your wedding all the more special. You can’t escape it once it starts to pour, so just learn how to embrace and have fun with it when it’s there!

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