11 Creative Wedding Souvenirs You Can Take Inspiration From

The details of your wedding, like your giveaway gifts to your guests, are pretty important too! While it has to be something pretty and unique, it has to be nifty too. You may have gotten a few wedding giveaway ideas from our last list of wedding favors, but here are a few new ones you might want to consider!

1. Wine cork key chains. Something small that holds a special memory and can be carried around. An addition to your keychain collection! [Photo: DIY Ready]


2. Instagram coasters. Now isn’t this cute? You can customize your coasters to put in memories and beautiful photos. And if you’re up for the extra challenge, you can even customize each for the person that will receive it! [Photo: Tatertots & Jello]


3. Buffet of treats. May it be a buffet of cookies or candy, your guests will surely love this take-home goody bag. They can pick their favorites and fill their bags to the brim! [Photo: Intimate Weddings]


4. Customized shot glasses. Because we all know this will be useful for future get-togethers. And it makes for a good collection at home! [Photo: My Wedding Reception Ideas]


5. A local treat. If you’re having a location wedding, why not prepare and personally package a treat from the place you’ll be celebrating in? [Photo: Rustic Wedding Chic]


6. Plants. Beautiful decor to add to your home in memory of a beautiful union. You can never go wrong with succulent souvenirs! [Photo: Ruffled]


7. Honey and lemon. How about a little something more soothing after a night (or a week) of festivities? [Photo: The Knot]


8. Personalized deck of cards. A very useful and fun souvenir your guests could use days, months, and years after the wedding! [Photo: The Knot Shop]


9. Lavender sachets. With a few cloth scraps and dried lavender, you can come up with room scents that can be placed anywhere in the house. Simple and very useful favors your guests will love! [Photo: Intimate Weddings]


10. Chili. How about something to spice up their life, like in this wedding? [Photo: Ian Gacutan Photography]


11. Rosemary olive oil. Something as simple and pretty as this will definitely put smiles on their faces! [Photo: Nato Welton]


Aren’t they all so cute? Simple, creative favors that your guests will surely love and use. What other souvenirs do you think they’ll like? Comment away!

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