Awesome Guestbook Ideas You Never Thought Of

Most of us search the Internet to get answers or help. We just type our questions on Google and out comes detailed solutions. But when it comes to working on something as special and meticulous as a wedding, it’s not easy to just type out thoughts and get answers on where to have the reception, who to get as a stylist, which designer to hire, what food to serve, or what theme to go for. There’s a lot of creativity and thought that comes into place in order to make the smallest of details very memorable for you, your future hubby, and your guests. Even something as small and simple as the guestbook can be transformed into a spectacular wedding detail–go see for yourself! Here’s a list of awesome guestbook ideas you probably never thought of!

1. Have your guests leave messages around the world. If you’re well-travelled and have gained a numerous amount of friends from different countries, it would be so brilliant and heartwarming to receive messages from all over. Have your guests sign on the country they’re from, and you’ll realize how much of an impact you and your hubby have made around the world.  [Photo: Orange Turtle Photography]

2. Record it! Pictures are worth a thousand words, but videos can take you to another level. With handy video cameras like these, guests can take you through their experience during your wedding night, get sober and not-so-sober well wishes, and basically give you front row seats to the best moments of the party. [Photo: Ali Harper]

3.  Set it in stoneHave your guests write their well wishes on stones and put them in a nice, clear vase. It makes for stylish sentimental decor for your new home! [Photo: One Love Photography]

4. Add an instant photo. It’s always a treat to go through guestbook messages from your loved ones after a wedding. What makes it even better is if it’s accompanied by a photo. Have an instant camera by the guestbook so your guests can snap a photo of themselves and attach it beside their message. It’s a great way to remember your wedding guests, and it’s also extra pretty! [Photo: Make Merry]

5. Add a touch of vintage. Let them type out their message! No, not on the latest laptop or tablet, but on a vintage typewriting machine! It’s such a beautiful piece that also works as decor for the wedding! [Photo: Wedding Window]

6. Put it on the furniture. I know, it’s the first thing our moms told us not to do–write on furniture. But doesn’t it make for such a cute guest book idea? It’s added decor for the new home too! [Photo: Brae Howard Photography]

7. Add a unique design to it! Get a piece of wood and add an interesting design where your guests can fill up the spaces–in this case, leaves! [Photo: Pinterest]

8. Pretty postcards! If you enjoy a lot of travel and have guests from different parts of the world, why not use post cards from different places as your guestbook? [Photo: Glass Jar Photography]

9. Add a calendar for your guests to sign their birthdays. That way you’ll also remember them on their special days. [Photo: Robyn Navarro Photography]

10. Personalized Jenga. Let your guests (literally) build memories with you. How about a personalized Jenga set where your friends and family can write messages? You can even use it to play with them when they come over! [Photo: The Wedding Tree]

What do you think? I never realized how difficult it would be to choose just one after seeing all these options! Which one’s your favorite? Let us know!

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