6 Bridal Showers To Throw Instead of Hitting the Club

M.O.H.s, listen up! Looking for that perfect thing to do with the ladies before your BFF gets hitched for good? Don’t wanna spend it hitting the club? Well, you’re in luck, girl! We just put together a list of great activities you can totally do… AND remember to tell the tale! Shall we begin?

1. Attend a yoga retreat.

Longing for some rest and relaxation? Pack up your sports bras and yoga mats and attend a yoga retreat! Flow Retreats offers retreats all year round. The venues vary according to their schedule–they offer retreats in Siquijor, La Union, and even in Bali! They also offer private retreats out of town as well as one day wellness activities in Metro Manila. It’s the perfect escape from all your wedding planning woes!


2. Throw a Blo Party.

If you know your bride is a girly girl, a Blo party at Blo Blowdry Bar is definitely the way to go. How could you not enjoy getting all dolled up in this pretty pink salon in the metro? Have your hair done while sipping on some champagne. Need I say more?


3. Hit the beach and go glamping.

Experience the great outdoors… in style! If you’ve always wanted to do that camping trip but dreaded the “no bathroom” rule, why not give glamping a try? Easy Adventure offers amenities like private bathrooms, charging stations, comfy beds, and so much more!

4. Pole dancing.

Unleash your inner Britney Spears with a private pole dancing lesson with your best gals! Polecats Manila offers bridal showers in their studio, and includes a sexy routine for the bride and her girls!


5. Climb a mountain.

If you’ve got a group of girls who just love physical activity, try taking them on a hiking trip! There are so many mountains that this country has to offer, all you need to do is pick one, hop on a bus, and go for it!


6. Rent a limo and host your very own private party!

Thought this kind of thing only happens in Vegas? Nope, you CAN rent a limo here in Manila! Manila Luxury Club offers limos that can seat up to 16 people! All you need is the booze because they’ve got the ice, glasses, and lights and sounds system covered for ya.


Now tell us, how would you like to spend your last horrah as a single lady? We’d love to know!

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