Community Post: What’s Your Favorite Thing About Attending Weddings?

Is it seeing the gorgeous decor or pretty bridesmaid gowns? Watching the bride walk down the aisle and hearing the exchanging of wedding vows? Hey, some people could just be in it for the wedding cake! We asked our Instagram followers what their favorite thing is about attending weddings, and we just loved hearing about their answers. Find some of our favorites below!



@cakewalkseries: “Dancing!!”

@chu_chays: “Hearing the wedding vows! And seeing the couple kiss.”

@jpaul_lee_carpio: “When the groom gets excited to kiss the bride.”

@ennalabshu: “SDEs!”


@keansagram: “Bride walking down the aisle in her dream wedding gown. And the first kiss as husband and wife.”

@kookinginheels: “Cake, for sure!”

@leonglarry: “Definitely the personal vows!


What’s your favorite thing about attending weddings? We’d love to know! Leave us a comment with your answers or any question you’d like answered by your fellow readers. You just might find it on our Instagram page!

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