Emotional Stages Brides Go Through on Their Wedding Day

Picture this: It’s your big day! You’re going to need to get ready for a rollercoaster of surprises. I mean, just imagine everything going through your head on that morning.

The excitement. (After all, you’re only going to be a bride once!)

The anxiousness. (What if something goes wrong?)

Even more excitement! (This is the most expensive party I’m ever going to throw, so I better have fun!)

Even more anxiousness. (What if my make-up goes horribly wrong?!?)

But please, calm yourself, woman. Everything’s going to be okay.

You’re probably going to cry. Just a little.

Or maybe a lot. (Yup, you’re probably going to ugly cry.)

But it doesn’t matter because you’re the bride. The star of the show.

Just remember, when in doubt, go for the demure look.

Because nobody wants a blah face.

Chillax girl, it’ll all be over before you know it.

And you’ll be back to regular programming… sort of.

Enjoy married life, loves! It’s an absolute delight, most of the time.

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