20 Artisanal Cakes That Will Star Your Wedding Reception

Wedding cakes are like the brides of dessert tables. Aside from being yummy, your cake, along with every major detail in your wedding, should beautifully match the motif and add grandeur to your celebration! Looking for ideas? Then you’re in luck! We curated 20 of the prettiest cakes we saw on our Instagram feed, and we’re sharing them with you for some delicious and gorgeous inspiration.

1. If you’re in love with crystals and gemstones, why not add some on your cake? This has me wishing for a slice, pronto!


2. Gold-themed wedding? There’s no doubt that gold exudes class. Other than seeing it on your wedding decor, you’ll leave your guests in awe after they see you have a cake like this!


3. Now, this cake reminds me of the beach. Its serene blue color and lovely florals are so dreamy–I just want to stare at it all day!


4. I can imagine that this is modeled after a wedding gown, with the flowers on top acting as the bride’s bouquet! How’s that for a cake?


5. Look at those gorgeous fade-to-whites! Perfect for neutral color schemes, this cake will still stand out from the crowd (and the dessert table)!


6. Those florals are screaming beauty and elegance. How can you not fall in love with this wedding cake?


7. Shiny and geometric, this cake is one for your metallic-themed wedding goals.


8. The brush strokes here are making me feel all giddy inside. And that flower! What a perfect touch.

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monochrome x

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9. Or why not whip out a simple yet unconventional beauty like this on your wedding day? That apple topper gives a cute and quirky touch!


10. Who said that neutral cakes look boring? Rustic wedding lovers, here’s an option to consider for your wedding cake!


11. This girly-yet-edgy cake can seriously add ooomph to your dessert table. I’d totally want to have something like this for my wedding!


12. Lovers of the color pink, rejoice! This expressive wedding cake has all the ingredients to make you and your guests swoon.


13. Ever wondered what the insides of gemstones look like? It’s the patterns on these cakes! Love!


14. If you dig fluffy cakes, we have that too! I can already taste how yummy this one is…


15. What a regal number! This cake gives off a deep and mysterious aura–in fact, the whole setup does.


16. My, oh my. Gorgeous color combination + beautiful pattern + delicate florals = the cake of your dreams!


17. Here’s another sophisticated wedding cake that resembles a bride’s gown. This is just lovely!


18. And here’s an intricately-designed wedding cake fit for your grand wedding dreams! Those details are so stunning!

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A touch of painted brush embroidery #caketress

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19. There’s so much art in this cake! And that dripping icing effect is seriously making me hungry right now.


20. This elegant silver and bronze cake (that actually looks like rose gold!) is just divine, don’t you think?


I don’t know about you, but my need for tasteful (and tasty!) wedding cakes has been satiated. We hope this opened up a lot of possibilities for your wedding cake’s design. Don’t forget to share this with your friends who love to eat dessert too! Have an awesome Thursday, darlings!

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