21 Unique Wedding Invitation Designs You Have To See

Being your virtual wedding best friend, I’ve taken up the liberty to gather some totally unique wedding invitation designs for those couples who love to get creative and think outside the box. And let me tell you, you’ll definitely love every single one!

1. Feeling a little lucky in love? How about a scratch card-inspired wedding invitation?

[Photo from: Follow Pics]

2. Interested in taking it 90s old school? Any couple who grew up playing with a Viewmaster should definitely consider this!

[Photo from: Melangerie’s Etsy]

3. Or a surprise pop-up when you open the invite?

[Photo from: Pinterest]

4. Anything with balloons are always fun! Give your guests a workout with this awesome idea!

[Photo from: Oh Happy Day]

5. I just can’t get over how awesome this 3D wedding invite is!

[Photo from: Oh Weddings]

6. Any concert goers out there? Time to get those patron tickets ASAP!

[Photo from: Beau-coup]

7. It’s like receiving a golden ticket with this chocolatey idea!

[Photo from: Behance]

8. For music lovers, this will be a sure hit!

[Photo from: Etsy]

9. I’ve got the perfect match for those witty and funny couples! (And yes, pun intended!)

[Photo from: Etsy]

10. Extra, extra! Read all about it! Headlining today’s paper, announcement of a wedding! I love this idea!

[Photo from: Etsy]

11. Why not make use of old film strip rolls?

[Photo from: Bridelicious]

12. This one-of-a-kind invite will be hard to forget! Just check out this wood etching!

[Photo from: Oh So Beautiful Paper]

13. Opening a wedding invite has never been this fun! It’s like Christmas all over again with this mini-crate invite!

[Photo from: Lovely Package]

14. Wedding spinning wheel invites to creatively give your guests details about the big day? Sooo much fun!

[Photo from: Classic Wedding Invitations]

[Photo from: Maydae]

15. This might be a little too expensive but wouldn’t it be so awesome to have laser cut wedding invites???

[Photo from: Not On The High Street]

16. Chanel your inner Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet ala A Lot Like Love with this cute wedding invite!

[Photo from: The Wedding Company]

17. Twistin’ and a great amount of flexibility is what you’ll need with this one!

[Photo from: Table 6 Productions]

18. This is absolute genius, if you ask me! Your guests will surely love this invite!

[Photo from: Behance]

19. It’s Instagram time! Oh wait, it’s a real-life polaroid for a wedding invite!

[Photo from: Jarusha Brown]

20. Hmm, I see what this couple did… Way to announce they’re tying the knot!!!

[Photo from: The Natural Wedding Company]

21. No need to be a tea drinker to appreciate this tea towel wedding invite!

[Photo from: Hello May]

I don’t know about you but if I were to receive any of these invites, I’d most definitely say yes, be the best-est guest, and RSVP right away!

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  1. Such innovative invitation ideas. Thanks for sharing! Recently i received video invitation with RSVP option from my friend, its really awesome & creative. She created it in inviter platform & sent me via email.

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