16 Fashion Fridays You Will Undoubtedly Swoon Over

If you’re an avid reader of the blog, chances are you know what Fashion Friday posts are. If you aren’t and just happened to drop by, then you are in luck! We’re rounding up some of our favorites and let me just warn you, a lot of swoon-worthy dresses will really get you glued to your screen. Happy viewing!

1. Ersa Atelier’s bridal spread has some serious tulle tenderness going on, and we are completely loving every dress in it! More from this collection here.

2. Von Lazaro‘s amazing waterfall-like draping is astounding! Just look at how these gowns fall perfectly on the ground! See his collection here.

3. Veluz really has a way of making every dress perfect, down to the very last detail! Check out this My Fair Ladies Editorial here. [Photo: Jaja Samaniego]

4. Flowy and smooth are the main attractions in this Paolo Sebastian set. So if that sounded like bingo to you, then better check out the rest of the collection!

5. Traditional Filipino with the a hint of modern sweetness is what’s in store for you in Veejay Floresca’s Madore Collection and we are completely smitten! See the full set here! [Photo: RV Mitra]

6. Colors, textures, and a whole lot of character. Definitely a collection we’ll never forget! See this Elie Saab collection here!

7. Gorgeous silhouettes and amazing back designs–this Berta collection sure is a heart-stopper. Check out the entire set here.

8. Ever curious about the great mind behind Marian Rivera’s princess-like wedding gown? Michael Cinco will definitely take your breath away with every single masterpiece! See his collection here!

9. Nurit Hen‘s pieces are perfect for the sleek and sexy bride! Check out the whole collection here.

10. If you’re going for that ethereal and effortless look, then Vania Romoff’s most recent collection is just what you need! Her bridal spread is waiting for you here.

11. I really have no words to describe how bewitchingly beautiful these Krikor Jabotian pieces are. Speechless. Check out the entire collection to see what I’m talking about. 

12. Jazel Sy has a thing for carefully handcrafted bridal pieces and we adore each one! Fall in love with her collection over here! [Photo: Jun Estacio]

 13. You can always count on  Monique Lhuillier for that classic and sophisticated bridal look. And her gorgeous collection is a testament to that!

14. Classic meets sultry for this Galia Lahav collection. And let me just tell you, every gown is to die for! Check it out here!

15. Are you the delightfully delicate type of bride? Sareh Nouri has skilfully mastered that look and her entire collection is waiting for you here!

16. These fashion forward Hayley Paige dresses are utterly mesmerizing! Crop top as a wedding ensemble? That’s definitely something we want to see! See this urban bridal collection here!

Now that’s a total swoon fest, am I right? What are your favorites? Let us know by commenting below!

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  1. Personally, I’m a less is more kind of girl when it comes to wedding gowns. A sweetheart cut with a flowing tulle skirt is my dream gown! But I’m afraid that I won’t stand out much in something simple and I feel like only really pretty brides can pull those off. Any advice? 🙁

    1. Hi Patricia. I think you shouldn’t worry about that too much. When you get engaged, try a few gowns and be open to other styles–there are some that you think isn’t you, but when you try it on, you know it’s the one. What’s more important is that your dress goes well with the rest of your wedding, e.g. having a simple gown which ties in with simpler bridesmaids dresses, understated event styling and flowers, etc. And at the end of the day, it’s your wedding day and your gown!

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