Color Trends of 2014 by TheUltraBright

A friend asked me a couple of weeks ago what I think would be the color trends for 2014 will be. I began to ponder and think of what hues have been popular for Philippine weddings in the last year. Of course I had a smile on my face since I loved pastels. But as I began researching, I was even more smitten by the colors that will gain popularity next year. Recently, I found myself craving for deeper, richer, and brighter hues for weddings. But I must admit, there really is an art in approaching such strong hues. Fret not, because this post will be an inspiration for those who love color.

I’m a huge fan of TheUltraBright–it’s great for those hunting a color palette because you can choose from their research, inspiration, and forecast. The Spring/Summer 2014 forecast trend captured my heart instantly. It reflects how choosing your colors can be be the merging of two totally opposite elements, and why mixing of organic colors with artificial ones is the next big thing. The result? A gorgeous out-of-the-box palette for your big day.

I think TheUltraBright writes about it brilliantly:

One word that defines the Spring/Summer 2014 season is HARMONY. As the future isn’t exactly playing out as we were hoping it to, technology is proving to be more dissatisfying than satisfying and the constant return to nature isn’t delivering that blissful of a moment, the consumer needs to learn how to live in complete harmony. Harmony found in the high-tech and natural, feminine and masculine, vintage and modern, opinionated and unbiased, man-made and artificial. Harmony that reflects the need to connect and simultaneously disconnect, to change their opinion and stand for their beliefs when needed. This immediate need to find the right balance is affecting our perception and demand for color. We are in constant state of navigating between nature-inspired and technology-driven colors. The color palette of the upcoming Summer season is rooted in the natural and the artificial, in the familiar and the unknown. There is no longer need to choose one or the other–the shape of things to come is defined by flexibility and acceptance, by complete harmony with all that is being offered.

Forward with Nature

Earth Balance

Caramel Lust

Think Pink

Purple Rain

Red Feeling

Desert Dust

Blue Depth

Summer Forest

Colors of Spring/Summer 2014

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  1. Hi Ms. Janna! My husband and I are planning to have our church wedding October 2014. What do you think are the wedding trend for next year? Any suggestions on the wedding themes since October is a rainy season. Help!

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Nadette. My suggestion is that you and your sister go through the blog and see which themes appeal to you. We’re not sure what to suggest as there are many themes and they’re usually a personal decision by the couple. Thanks!

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