Fashion Friday: Theia White Bridal Spring 2014

There are so many kinds of bridal gowns with different details, silhouettes, and fabric that sometimes it gets so overwhelming! It’s a good kind of dilemma though, as a bride-to-be chooses a gown that she will walk down the aisle in. Key is to know what kind of bride you are and to know what works for your body type! Theia White’s 2014 collection shows clean lines and ornate details that I can imagine on a very sophisticated bride. All the details–whether volume, texture, or embellishment–are executed in understated elegance. It’s just the kind of restraint that I love seeing especially in fully beaded gowns! Classy without being too much.

Browse through this collection and mull over the designs. Get ideas about the kind of bride you are! Among my favorites are: the femininely modest lace dress, a textured gown with a classic Sabrina neckline, a fully sequined slip, an ombré dress with cascading scalloped ruffles, and a textured gown with kaftan-like sleeves that almost resembles our Filipiniana terno!

Happy fashion Friday to all the style vultures out there!


Designer: Theia White / Photos: WWD
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