Fashion Friday: Veluz RTW Bridal 2013

Do you remember falling in love for the very first time? How you can’t seem to breathe. How every single detail about that object of affection is so memorable, and yet surreal at the same time. How you dread goodbyes and find yourself wide awake in your bed thinking of the next time you’ll meet again. Well, seeing a Veluz is a lot like falling in love for the first time. Her dresses leave you mystified and entranced, because yes, her eye for detail is all about the dreamy–her craft is beautiful perfection. Every bride who steps into her creation knows in their hearts…this is THE ONE.

With great pride we present to you her first ever RTW Bridal Collection. Not only is this a huge step locally, but also internationally. This means that the work of this wonderful Filipino designer will have its chance to be in the world’s spotlight, where it most certainly deserves to be. So yes, this day will probably make it in our Philippines wedding history book. Hooray!

Have an awesome Friday!

Photographer: Mimi and Karl / Makeup Artist: Madge Lejano / Hairstylist: Steve Pagsanjan / Styling: Ernest Pascual / Bouquet: Teddy Manuel of Flowers and Events / Bouquet: Vatel Manila / Bouquet: Gideon Hermosa / Bouquets: Jo Claravall
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