The Nook: A Wonderful Marriage

I’ve been married for three wonderful years to an amazing husband. And when I say wonderful, I don’t mean problem-free. And by amazing, I do not mean perfect. In fact, to be honest with you, I’m sure I’ve failed the best-wife-in-the-world description more than I’d care to admit and so has Ian (as a husband I mean). But that’s a whole new post that I’m pretty sure I’d be sharing sooner or later.

As I’ve shared before, I am equally passionate about family life as I am with weddings. That’s why when I read this article from RELEVANT Magazine, a Christian website that talks about faith, culture and intentional living, I couldn’t help but share. The three things Tyler Ward talks about are SOOO TRUUUEEE!!! He totally gets the whole picture. Fortunately these principles were also passed on to us early in our marriage by couples Ian and I consider as real life role models, those who’ve shown us the amazing design of God for marriage. Whether you are about to get married, or already are, or even if you’re still far from getting hitched, this article will really add so much wisdom and light on the richness and fullness of a wonderful married life.

Source: RELEVANT Magazine

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