Fashion Friday: Valentino A/W 2012

How about channelling a French boheme vibe for your bridesmaids? I would totally love to see some muted floral fabrics coupled with some delicately beautiful lace or dainty ribbons for the entourage. If you want to use prints, try to have a couple of different hues and patterns that blend together. Matchy-matchy is out, mix matching is in. Oh, Valentino!

Dresses: Valentino

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  1. Another take on whimsical and pretty. Why haven’t I thought of this for my wedding? 🙂 Then again I can always inspire my friends and suggest this idea. Thanks for the post, Janna! 🙂

    1. Hi Sabs,

      In many ways we are alike, kicking ourselves over new ideas we wished we put to us in our own wedding. But then again, I’m thankful to have only one wedding in this lifetime (haha). But since you’re super passionate about wedding style, you should totally influence your friends to think out of the box, not recklessly of course, but with taste, boldness and longing for the chic vibe. Let’s change the face of Philippine weddings an affair at a time! Cheers!

    1. Hi Fozzy,

      I get that feeling everyday! hahaha. Not just because I have an amazing husband, but mostly because the world is just to full of beautiful ideas. One is getting calligraphy done by The Fozzy Book!

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