Rain and Romance

Remember the cute and retro Stepford Wives-themed engagement shoot of Peewee and Camille? Being the brains behind the The Best-Case Scenario certainly was a plus is being exposed to all things wedding, making their own so splendidly fun, homey and quirky. Splashes of rainbow-colored deets, vintage elements and delicious treats leave me daydreaming about how fanciful wedding festivities can be. No wonder Noel Salazar had so many gorgeous photos of this affair. Love is in the air here at B&B!

The theme is Rainy Wedding / Under One Umbrella because of the month of the wedding which is July. So the elements used in the styling are umbrellas, clouds and crystal beads for rain.
And when it’s raining, where is the best place to be? Of course at home. Where it is cozy and you’re relaxed. That’s the main concept of the reception area. We used cupboards, side tables and couch for the couple’s area, flower boxes on fences, books, vintage colorful candleholders, picture frames and vases for the centerpieces. (Also, some of the furniture we used is custom made and designed by us. We had it made for the wedding and for our home). “Under One Umbrella” also symbolizes our unity as a couple under one umbrella that binds us – God.

– Camille

Preparations: Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila / Venue: Palacio de Maynila / Designer: Mich Dulce / Groom’s Suit: Francis Galias / Hair and Make-up: Karen Marek-Atendido / Video: Redsheep Photo Cinema / Coordinator: Blushing Bride / Florist & Event Stylist: Eve & Co. / Concept and Invitation: The Best-Case Scenario Events / Catering and Details: K by Cunanan Catering / Rockeoke: S E M I P R O / Host: Joseph Aguilar / Lights and Sounds: MMP Entertainment / Cake and Goodies: Joy San Gabriel

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The Look


  1. Suuuuper cute and fun! I especially loved the bouquets of felt flowers and witty “I met my match” matches. Oh, and the bride is so pretty! ♥♥♥

  2. beautiful bride, light and very fresh yung concept nila… she’s like so relaxed….


    i like and i love it!!!

    btw the bride looks like ADELE???!!

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