Fashion Friday: Vera Wang Spring 2012 Video

I admit, I am probably one of the biggest fans of Vera Wang! In fact, meeting her (or at least seeing one of her shows in person) is in my bucket list. I don’t just love her because she’s one of the big names in the wedding gown industry, but more than that I definitely think she is one of the great innovators of wedding gown design. While many follow trends, Vera has always been there to create them.

So when I found myself up and about at 3am this morning (perks of a mommy of a new baby), I chanced upon the video of Vera Wang’s Spring 2012 collection. I know I featured the gowns months ago, but seeing them in motion left me breathless all over again–every dress is so gorgeous I wanna cry! So for those brides looking for their dream dress, you just might find it here!

Gowns: Vera Wang

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