Up, Up, and Away!

It’s always fun to receive submissions from suppliers around the Philippines. Today I’m sharing with you a fun and unique concept for an engagement shoot. All the way from Cebu, here’s a glimpse of the work of Paopao Sanchez. Soren and Karen’s balloon themed session is definitely in the category of cutiepatootie! Photography: Paopao Sanchez […]

The Charm of Color

Imagine if the world was only in black, gray and white. What a drab that would be right? Rock Paper Scissors just reminded me of the power of color. The shots feel like a canvas painted with the most vibrant and rich hues which exudes a romantic as well as energetic vibe to Jamie and […]

Its All about A

A is for amazing, A is for adorable, A is for Andrew and Angelie’s artistically attractive affair.  Some of you might find this couple familiar–that’s because we already featured their super cute and chic engagement shoot a few months back. And their wedding doesn’t fall far from the prettiness we already saw. The details to […]