Fashion Friday: White by Vera Wang + David’s Bridal

A couple of people have told me to write about Vera Wang’s new line for David’s Bridal. Today, I finally found the time to do so. Good news for those fashion-forward brides on a budget–Vera launched a more affordable line called White that is only available in David’s Bridal stores. Vera Wang is known for her amazing workmanship and innovative designs. Can I also gush over those cute headpieces and belts that are also for sale, by the way! And although these dresses can only be purchased in the States, I’ve heard a couple of stories of brides just ordering them through friends abroad and having it shipped here for alterations–FYI, this is actually what I did for my own gown–not a bad idea if you ask me! With a price range of $600-$1,300, you’ll be walking in a Vera.

Have a wonderful weekend lovelies!

Photos from: Vera Wang and David’s Bridal

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  1. Hi! I was about to do the same thing. Buy a Vera for David’s online and have a friend bring it here in Manila because I didn’t have the time anymore to go there myself. But then when I was reading the reviews, most of the not-so-good comments are the same – the gowns are poorly-made. The seams, edges are rough or odd, fabric looks cheap. (Hence, the affordable price I guess) Although there are still great reviews I don’t want to take a risk of buying a gown that has problems that will be difficult to fix since having them altered here will already be a risk. I decided to have my gown made by a local designer.

    1. Dear Via,

      Thanks for sharing your input on the matter. I also did some research on the gowns and it seems like a lot of people still have so many good things to say about it. I understand why some people would say it’s a disappointment, in reality of course it won’t compare to the true-blue Vera collection, workmanship and fabric wise (theres probably a $6000 gap in the price range between the two collections). But for the price you are paying for the WHITE collection, I think it is very reasonable and the quality is actually very good. Going through wedding discussion boards such as was really helpful in seeing that these gowns are still to die for! I still wouldn’t mind wearing one of them.

  2. hi Janna,

    I bought a White by Vera Wang gown in the US too and am planning to have it altered in the Philippines. Do you know if anyone who does alterations in Manila? Where did you have your gown altered? Thanks so much!


  3. Hi Janna,

    I also bought a White by Vera Wang gown and struggling to find someone who can do good alterations. can you recommend one, please. Thanks!

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