Fashion Friday: Vera Wang Fall 2011

Vera Wang is number one on my wish list of must-meet designers. Every time I see a new collection, my wow meter goes craaaazzzyyy. Yes I am a sucker for draping and fabric manipulation. Known for creating trends rather than following them, Vera Wang is able to make brides wish to walk down the aisle in one.

Another reason why I love her is that I am such a big fan of bead-less wedding gowns. Some people might think that in order to have a grand gown, a battery of beadwork is in order. That is one of the biggest misconceptions a bride can have. In my opinion, the most elegant gowns I’ve seen to date focus more on the uniqueness of the cut, the artistry of the drapings, and the exquisiteness of the fabric. Vera, you definitely get an A+ on each category.

Oh Fall 2011, you made my day.

I love the artistic back of this one.

Dresses: Vera Wang

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