If the Shoe Fits

Finding the right shoe for the big day is very important. It seems like your wedding photos will not be complete without “the shoe” shot. The search for the perfect footwear can be  a frustrating task especially if you are on a budget.

I remember my own shoe searching experience. I looked and looked and looked! Unfortunately, most of the shoes I liked cost a fortune. I made a decision that I wasn’t going to spend on satin pumps that I probably will never wear again. Don’t get me wrong, if you prefer to splurge on your big day pair, go ahead! Each bride will have her own preference and the important thing is, you are confident with what you are wearing. You wouldn’t want blisters to keep you from the dance floor right?

After months of store hopping and online surfing, I found them!

New discovery: Nina

Why i love it?

  1. The price is reasonable for its style, material and quality.
  2. The styles are elegant and ranges from the classic look to a bolder and more daring feel.
  3. There are a variety of heights and colors to choose from.
  4. They are comfortable.
  5. You can actually customize the color. (note that customized ones are more expensive.)

Here are my top picks. All shoes are available in White and Ivory.

PAPINA in SAGE (This one is my ultimate fave!)





  1. Rustans In Glorietta carries Nina shoes.
  2. The styles featured here however can only be ordered online. If you really think they’re the shoes for you, find a relative or friend (preferably a guest to your wedding) in the US who you can ship it to. Have them bring it to you for your big day.
  3. To make sure that you get the right size, look for reviews in the internet checking whether the shoe runs big, small or true to size.

My choice for the my wedding shoes is the Nina Culver. I decided to go for a classic sand color since the sage color I wanted was not yet available at that time. Heel height was perfect. Here it is:

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  1. hi, i am getting married this year. any suggestions as to how to go about with the menu? the hotel provided us with a menu already but we are planning to change some of the stuff in the menu. =)
    oh, and what flowers do you suggest for a wedding set late this year. super thanks! i still have so many questions… so many things to do, so little time =p
    THANKS… i love your blogs! keep writing!

    1. Hi clueless bride. I just did a post on food selection for your wedding menu. I hope it helps you. Enjoy the whole experience because you only go through it once! As for flowers, its best to ask your florist what flowers are in season later this year. Due to the erratic climate change happening I think they would know best. I will try to bog about good florists here in manila. Hope you visit my blog often! You can ask questions anytime. Congratulations on your engagement!

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