5 Creative Ways to Style Your Cocktail Bar

It’s not much of a surprise that your guests would want to celebrate your wedding day with good food and drink! You may want to consider highlighting the cocktail bar at your wedding for this reason, especially if you plan on serving a various kinds of drinks. As always, we’ve got you covered with creative inspiration, so […]

4 Reasons to Have a Grand Wedding

Weddings here in the Philippines are the epitome of celebrations. While your special day is yours and yours alone, it can also double as a reunion and mingling of family members from both the bride’s and the groom’s side. If you’ve been deciding wether or not to go big or small in terms of the guest […]

Wedding Street Talk: Ayala Triangle

Bride and Breakfast goes to Ayala Triangle! So we took a field trip and decided to ask people about weddings and relationships! It was a super fun shoot I got to do with Becca, and something our team is looking forward to doing again. Listen to what people had to say, and laugh right along […]

The 7 Types of Grooms During Wedding Planning

They say that the true colors of a person come out during challenging times… just like when you’re planning your wedding. And while bridezilla is a popular term, it’s not just the bride who goes through the planning, right? Yep, you got it–the grooms too! And we’re sure it has revealed hidden parts of him […]

The Dashing and The Beautiful

Fancy having a trip to the beautiful Mount Kitanglad to witness another celebration of love? For today’s wedding, Eric and Raizah are taking us to Bukidnon, and my inner rustic fan-girl is already jumping for joy! The bride’s simple but elegant dress, the vibrant and playful set-up, a classic blush and dust blue color combination, and […]

The Look