The Great Indoors Shoot Marathon

If you’ve made it a habit to check our humble blog regularly, then you would know that our normal posting schedule is Monday to Saturday. If we’re posting something on a gorgeous Sunday such as today, then you could say that we’re featuring something so wonderful that we just can’t wait another second to show you! B&B decided to collaborate with some of the industry’s best, one of them being styling superstar Teamba Designs who is known for making breathtaking set designs. We’re such big fans of this styling company, so when they proposed to do this project, we were immediately on board!

Held at Gama Studio, this shoot marathon has six aaaaamazing set ups! Yup, SIX! Of course, if we have that many beautiful things to showcase, we can’t let any details go unphotographed, right? Good thing Caliber King and Francis Perez of Team Pat Dy, Christine LoricoDookie DucayJay Jay Lucas of Chestknots Studios, Marlon Capuyan, Noel Salazar of Quirky CreativesRap Yu, and Toto Villaruel were all there to document every pretty element, as well as all the sweethearts who decided to join! Special thanks also to Mycke Arcano, Diane Lorenzana, and Argie Salango who made sure that our couples were impeccably styled with makeup, hair, and great outfits! So, what are you waiting for? Ladies and gentlemen, we present you the beautiful photo set and behind-the-scenes video of The Great Indoors! Enjoy!

Photo: Francis Perez
Photo: Noel Salazar
Photo: Noel Salazar
Photo: Christine Lorico
Photo: Christine Lorico
Photo: Noel Salazar
Photo: Noel Salazar
Photo: Noel Salazar
Photo: Noel Salazar
Photo: Dookie Ducay
Photo: Rap Yu
Photo: Noel Salazar
Photo: Jay Jay Lucas
Photo: Noel Salazar
Photo: Marlon Capuyan
Photo: Noel Salazar
Photo: Noel Salazar
Photo: Noel Salazar
Photo: Noel Salazar
Photo: Noel Salazar
Photo: Caliber King
Photo: Toto Villaruel
Set Design/Event Stylist: Teamba Designs / Photographer: Caliber King of Team Pat Dy / Photographer: Christine Lorico / Photographer: Dookie Ducay / Photographer: Francis Perez of Team Pat Dy / Photographer: Jay Jay Lucas of Chestknots Studios / Photographer: Marlon Capuyan / Photographer: Noel Salazar of Quirky Creatives / Photographer: Rap Yu / Photographer: Toto Villaruel / Hairstylist: Mycke Arcano / Makeup Artist: Diane Lorenzana / Wardrobe Stylist: Argie Salango / Event Coordinator: Your Entourage / Cake Baker: Cynfully Sweets / Venue: Gama Studio / Videographer: James Mayo

Celebrity Debutante: Kathryn Bernardo

Once in a blue moon, we come across exquisite inspirations from unconventional places that are just too good to pass up on. We’ve featured a few gorgeous debut shoots and parties here and there for exceptional reasons–so it’s not at all surprising that we’d show the world the 18th birthday of today’s Belle and Breakfast star, Kathryn Bernardo, as well! Her special day was nothing short of pure prettiness and femininity, and we’ve got Catilo Photography to thank for the visual inside scoop! We absolutely adore Kathryn’s delicately ethereal powder blue gown by Vania Romoff and Francis Libiran‘s intricate pink creation (both would look divine as wedding gowns, don’t ya think?)! So, go ahead, my loves. Soak in all the lovely inspiration!

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The Great Indoors: Shoot Marathon Hosted by Teamba Designs X Bride and Breakfast

After the Inspire Initiative did the shoot marathon last year, a lot of people have followed suit. I mean, why wouldn’t they? A shoot marathon is fun, costs a lot less than an individual shoot, and gives you over and beyond your money’s worth.

We at Bride and Breakfast have been contemplating on hosting one, but we wanted it to be very unique given that there have been a number of shoots coming out left and right. We wanted it to have that extra ooomph, for the participants to feel that they wouldn’t have their photos taken any other way. And at B&B, we firmly believe that we should give our readers the best deals out there. With that in mind, our collaboration with Teamba Designs was forged. Believe me, this is one shoot marathon YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS.

Teamba Designs have been making waves in the industry because of the way they approach production design. Their work is impeccable, tasteful, artsy, and most of all, well executed with quality and style. We knew this was the collaboration we’ve been waiting for, and the event suits what our readers want.

The most awesome thing about it is its AFFORDABILITY despite the big names and services involved. With the brilliant theme set-up, the amazing photographer line-up, the inclusions of styling, hair and make-up, and the edited photos, THIS PACKAGE IS A STEAL! Here’s the overall moodboard of the themes. Of course we won’t show you the final design per station, but we’ll be posting teasers here and there to show you how things are being built from the ground up.

Registration Process:

  1. Register by filling up the form below.
    • Once the maximum number of slots are reached per schedule, succeeding registrations will be placed on the waitlist.
  2. If there is still an available slot for you, you will receive a slot confirmation email. This will contain payment details and other information.
  3. Submit proof of payment (e.g. deposit slip, confirmation email) within one day to secure your slot.
    • All unpaid slots will be given to the next couple on the waitlist.


We’ll be posting more information about the shoot marathon in the coming days, but for now, check out the F.A.Q. below.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What is a shoot marathon?

A shoot marathon is a type of photo shoot wherein there are various styled backdrops where participants will be photographed in. Each participant is given a period of time to get photographed by different photographers stationed in each area.

How is it different from a traditional photo shoot?

As compared to a traditional shoot, a marathon shoot provides more options for backdrops. In the case of The Great Indoors, there will be six themed stations creatively built by Teamba Designs.

Who can join the shoot marathon?

The shoot marathon is open to couples or individuals. We welcome all kinds of couples, whether dating, engaged, or married. Debutantes looking for a pre-debut shoot are welcome to join. This can also be for your individual or personal use, if you so desire! Slots are limited to a maximum of two people, as we are only able to provide styling and wardrobe design for two.

What makes this shoot marathon different from other shoot marathons?

Bride and Breakfast has collaborated with Teamba Designs to come up with themes that have never been done before by other shoot marathons. Because Teamba Designs specializes in production design, the stations promise a jaw-dropping reaction from our participants.

What are the advantages?

The first advantage of course is the price and quality. If you were to create this setup for an individual shoot, you will probably spend hundreds of thousands just to create the look we offer. In this case, you will only spend a very small fraction of that amount to get mind-blowing photos. Another advantage is that since this is a collaboration with Bride and Breakfast, you can be assured that we have put our stamp of approval on this event in terms of taste, style, and beauty.

How do we know if the suppliers involved are good?

Each supplier participating in the shoot marathon was handpicked by the organizers. They have excellent portfolios and have top-notch reputations in the fashion and wedding industry.

How will our photos be different from the other 35 participants?

Since there will be 36 participants using the six back drops, Teamba Designs will continuously tweak each station throughout the day. They will be providing different props that will make your shoot uniquely yours.

Will there be time slots for the morning/afternoon and afternoon/evening sessions?

You will be given one of three 5-hour waves within the session that you choose. This includes hair and makeup, wardrobe styling, and the actual shoot. The coordinators will be the one to assign you your wave within the slot. For now, just block off the entire 6:00am to 3:00pm for the morning/afternoon slot and 2:00pm to 10:30pm for the afternoon/evening slot. You will get more details once you register.

Do we need to bring food?

We will be providing some light snacks but we ask that you bring a heavier meal (e.g. sandwiches) in case you get hungry. It’s hard to smile with an empty stomach!

What are the inclusions?

Participants get the following:

  • Photo shoots in six summer-themed set design layouts (Lush, Ocean, Shore, Sky, Sun, Night) by talented photographers from the fashion and wedding industry
  • One makeup look and one retouch per couple/participant
  • Two hairstyling changes
  • Three wardrobe stylings provided by the stylist (you can also bring your own)
  • Post-event kit: 24 edited photos, raw photos, 6”x6” wooden canvas of preferred photo, and overall behind-the-scenes video of the event

Will we be able to show these photos in our events (e.g. wedding, debut, anniversary celebration)?

Of course! The edited photos will serve as great material for your event slideshows.


Belle and Breakfast: Stef

It’s raining quirky charm today, and it’s probably because of Stef’s Mad 18th birthday. Just to give everyone a heads-up, we’ve started showing a few debutante photo shoots under the Belle and Breakfast category, because these celebrations are also loaded with bucketfuls of fun inspiration. This one in particular makes you want to get lost in Wonderland. Captured by the equally-quirky photographer Noel Salazar, we knew we were in for a crazy treat. And yes, it’s fun to be 18!

Photographer: Noel Salazar / Event Styling: Henry Pascual

Admiring Art Deco

Every wedding is different. Every couple has their own quirks, their own preferences, their own style. That’s the beauty that lies in these joyous celebrations–a day of love, a day of being you. Today’s art deco affair is simply a testament to how each couple beautifully stamps their big day. Both being in the wedding industry, these two lovebirds were determined to make their fête as pretty and quirky as can be. For Noel Salazar, a photographer whose work we’ve featured a couple of times here in B&B, and Rae Venturanza, a make-up artist, and Noel’s lovely bride, the perfect theme would be art deco. I am smitten with Rae’s gown by Joel Escober. And I must say that bouquet by Vatel Manila was gorgeous! Our dapper groom certainly worked that suit, and that boutonniere was very art deco appropriate! We’re so grateful to Toto Villaruel for taking these amazing shots! Enjoy!

Photographer: Toto Villaruel / Videographer: Film Factory / Flowers & Decor: Vatel Manila / Boutonnieres: {etc} Handmade Goodness / Bride’s Dress: Joel Escober / Groom’s Attire: Boy Kastner Santos / Makeup Artist: Angelo Falconi III / Venue Styling: Teddy Manuel / Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Christine Ong-Te Events / Lights and Sounds: Reject Krew / Reception Venue: The Atrium, Enderun Colleges / Preparations: The Peninsula Manila