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The Nook: The Hopeless Romantics

Posted by Janna Simpao

It’s no secret to me that we have readers who are not yet engaged or even some who are not in a relationship. Many of whom secretly stalk the site because it’s a place where they can luxuriously appreciate the beauty and whimsy of weddings. Some are a bit shy to even let their family and friends know that B&B is a guilty pleasure, since others might misinterpret their interest on the topic. It’s a valid concern of course, being that our culture is one that tends to mind other people’s business. I don’t even know why I got up this morning wanting to write this article. But let me just spill my thoughts–kindly excuse my scatterbrain writing since I haven’t had decent sleep lately!

Bride and Breakfast was created to help brides envision their perfect wedding, but as years went by, I realized it has also become a field where people (of any relationship status) can take joy in love. I don’t think it was ever God’s requirement that someone ought to be engaged before they acquire the right to go through a bridal blog without judgement. Truth be told, people in general like the thought of a beautiful nuptial because it reflects one of the best assets we have as human beings. It is the ability to love, and the gift of creativity, art and beauty. However, weddings have a way of bringing out our vulnerability–it’s that moment when most of us put down our walls, when it’s ok to shed a tear (even if you are a man) and for some, a moment when they forget that the world has left them jaded and scarred. But, hold on! The world forbid that we show any form of nostalgia and sensitivity toward this cheesy notion of a wedding, because it is a sign of being “weak” right? On the contrary, I think people who love weddings show so much strength and confidence in character. To love, to believe in it, to cherish it, and to aspire for it takes indescribable bravery, trust and courage.

At the end of the day, weddings remind us that love is amazing, love is art, and that God created it to be wonderful. Keeping tabs on beautiful celebrations is not just about wanting to be married, it’s about appreciating creativity, talent, and enjoying beauty. So if you are thinking that we require a ring on your finger for you to fully enjoy this blog, then you are sorely mistaken. If you love pretty things, and appreciate the wonders in details–seeing that each wedding is not just about a couple but every guest, every supplier, every element, that contributed to it being unbelievably breathtaking, then you are one of us. We’re proud to be the hopeless romantics, the advocates of weddings as a commitment, as well as an art form. As for those people who might think it odd that you follow our site, well they don’t know what they are missing… because love and style, well, is just awesome.


Bound by Beauty

Posted by Janna Simpao

Truth be told, this site was designed to be a resource of beautiful things. The dream was this–celebrate beauty, style and love through each affair that comes our way. And although every wedding (whether featured in B&B or not), is a testament of unconditional commitment and unique style, we can’t help but see how some really do move our hearts. Because we can’t always know the love story behind every beautiful frame, we consider it gold when we discover a story that resonates undeniable passion and unquenchable devotion, that even the medium capturing it is not enough to contain its emotions. And once it’s released, the effect is inevitable, a bucket of tears and a heart in awe.

Elo and Mara, a beautiful couple who uttered one of the most beautiful vows I’ve heard in my life.

Videographer: Jason Magbanua


Splendid Love Shoot

Posted by Janna Simpao

I am smitten by Kent Lazarraga of Orange Studio‘s work–and their website is as cute as a button too! Oh, happiness! My day just keeps getting better because this editorial collaboration that  Orange Studio did with a design creatives group called Something Splendid really is making its way to whimsical wonderland! You gotta admit, this pretty much spells out backyard charm, and we all know we love that here in B&B.


A Glittering 2012

Posted by Janna Simpao

I am totally excited for 2012! I just want to thank everyone for the support you have been giving Bride and Breakfast. As we start the year together, I am looking forward to all the beautiful affairs, breathtaking inspiration and jaw-dropping ensembles that we will feature here. Again you can expect that we will try to give you the best of the best, the prettiest of the prettiest. And yes, stay tuned for new surprises coming your way.

So here’s to 2012, a year of pure prettiness and charming fêtes. Of course the best way to kick off the year is to give you some glam inspiration.  Sending hugs and love to y’all!

Have a Glittering New Year!

Source: Grey Likes Weddings


Overflowing Love

Posted by Janna Simpao

I am absolutely adoring today’s wedding video feature. Aside from having such beautiful scenes, Mayad really captured the couple’s love and devotion for each other. I could almost feel the emotions pouring out of my computer. Very candid and sincere, this video made my day. Hope it brings a little sunshine to yours.

Videography: Mayad Studios 


Destinies and Dreams

Posted by Janna Simpao

Everyone wants to remember their wedding day. It’s magical, surreal and everything beautiful. Arwind and Ivette will definitely have something to smile about years from now, cause their wedding was so dreamy and overflowing with details. The couple, opting for a mix of modern and fun inspirations for their reception, while still going for a classic look for their attire, chose Metrophoto to shoot them in such breathtaking backdrops. What a wonderful wedding!

Lovely weekend everyone!

Photography: Metrophoto / Video: Bob Nicolas / Reception: Ville Sommet / Coordinator: Chinky Uy-Agregado of Metro Eventscape  / Bridal Gown & Entourage: Mila De Leon-Santiago / Groom’s Suit: JC Buendia / Bridal Shoes: Perfect Match / Groom’s Shoes: Kenneth Cole / Hair & Make Up : Aaron Lejarde of Madge Make-up Studio / Bridal Car: Robert’s Bridal Car Services / Wedding Invitations: Prinsonalities / Photobooth: Baicapture / Church: Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Tagaytay / Flowers: Ernie of Mavis Flowers / Catering: Macy Dy & Kaye Cunanan of K by Cunanan Catering / Hosts: Chicco & Delamar / Lights & Sounds: PMX  / Creative Director: Juno Oebanda  / Staging: E-Structures / DJ: Yoshi Uy / Church & Cocktail Band: Da Capo & Thor / Reception Band: Skarlet & the AMP Nonet Band


The Photographer, the Stylist, and the Make-up Artist

Posted by Janna Simpao

Many of you have been writing and asking who the dream team will be. I want to apologize that I haven’t been that quick to write about them. December, as we all know it is a hectic month for everyone. Don’t worry, I am slowly getting everything in order and we will soon be back to our regular features and inspirations in no time.

Because I don’t want to keep you hanging, let me introduce to you our super amazing sponsors for the I Heart B&B: Photo and Styling Giveaway!

First up is no other than the very talented photographer Roy Macam. Maybe some of you are not familiar with him because he is not actually a wedding photographer. This doesn’t mean he is not a force to reckon with. Roy is actually well-known in the fashion and celebrity photography scene. He has shot with some of the most famous celebrities to date and is a popular pick for magazine photo shoots. Dreaming of a shoot that feels like it popped out of the pages of a mag? Roy is definitely going to rock this giveaway!

Next is our style siren Rachelle Que. Rachelle has worked with the top magazines in the country and is now a freelance stylist. Being exposed to studying fashion and working behind-the-scenes in some runway shows in New York, Rachelle’s fashion radar is anything but ordinary. Expect to look your best when she’s in charge of wardrobe and style.

Lastly we have an up and coming make-up artist Kaycee Lim. Kaycee had just recently started doing make-up both in the wedding and fashion industry. Although a newbie, she definitely has what it takes. Whether the natural look or a reinvented one, Kaycee will deliver!

Stay tuned for a more detailed feature on each one’s work! As of now, I am glad I was able to give you  a glimpse on how amazingly gorgeous this shoot will be. Keep sending those entries, we will be announcing the winning couple come January!

A little something from the photographer’s portfolio:

Photos by: Roy Macam

Via The Dialogue


I Heart B&B: Mechanics

Posted by Janna Simpao

I’m so excited for our photo and styling giveaway. This is gonna be a super stylish shoot to boot! What’s super cool about this giveaway is that couples can use it as an engagement shoot, a save-the-date, or if you are already married, a post-nuptial shoot (check out our honeymoon shoot here)! So let’s cut to the chase and get down to business.

Bride and Breakfast is looking for a couple who loves what B&B stands for. If you’re a couple (or know of one) who loves pretty things, romance, tasteful elegance–and of course, style–email us at janna “at” brideandbreakfast “dot” ph.

Here are a few requirements:

  1. The couple must either be engaged or already married–indicate when the wedding date will be or when your wedding anniversary is.
  2. The couple must subscribe to Bride and Breakfast and be a fan of our Facebook page. If you have Twitter, follow us on Twitter too.
  3. We just adore a good love story, so send us yours! Please include information like your full name, ages, and work background.
  4. Tell us why you would love to win this giveaway.
  5. Quickly describe your style as a couple.
  6. Attach a picture of you and your partner.

That’s it!

I know I haven’t revealed to you our photographer but come Monday, you’ll get to meet him. (Hint: He is a talented and amazing fashion and celebrity photographer!)

Start sending those entries and watch out for coming announcements next week!

Hugs and love,


I Heart B&B: Bride and Breakfast Giveaway

Posted by Janna Simpao

When I started Bride and Breakfast the goal was to really give. Give my heart and hope that what I find beautiful can also move others. Give inspiration so that I can share all my pretty discoveries to brides and hopeless romantics. Give advice to make a wedding process as enjoyable (and beautiful) for brides, and for some who are not yet there, give them something to look forward to.

In the end I found that the more I gave the more I received. Received kind words of encouragement and appreciation. Received new friendships that are so precious and promising. Received lessons on commitment, beauty and finding out what I am passionate about. Received contentment knowing that God has blessed me with more and more readers everyday.

Today for my 100th post, I give back to you–I and some totally rockin’ sponsors give you a dream.

Because Bride and Breakfast really is all about style, we have collaborated with some of the most stylish and talented in the industry to give away a couple’s dream photo shoot FOR FREE!

An amazing photographer + a super fashionable stylist + getting dolled up by a talented make up artist + strutting your stuff in those beautifully crafted dresses = A Ravishingly Romantic Experience. All these because…

Although I’ll be posting the details of the mechanics tomorrow I want to let you know that this giveaway can be a pre or post-wedding shoot. So spread the word and spread the love.

Stay tuned for the mechanics and features on our super talented dream crew!

Hugs and love,