Preciously Personal

There are those weddings that are just brimming with personality, and today’s wedding is definitely one of them! The intimate, unique loveliness of Rick and Leah’s wedding at Angelfields by Bleach and Stain Photography is absolutely endearing. The calligraphy that blesses nearly every corner and the gorgeous outdoor setup show us pretty much what rustic dreams are made of. And […]

The Look



Love, Lights, and Starry Nights

Oh, starry starry night! I think it’s safe to say that when we think of beautiful things, this dreamy, iconic masterpiece of Van Gogh is definitely on the list. Maybe that’s just one of the reasons this wedding turned out so brilliantly, and yay for us! It was also brilliantly captured by Jowell Mariano! How do […]

Blushing in Romance

It’s a Sunday morning and there’s no doubt you would want to start it right. What’s a better way to do that than feed your eyes on this wedding post? Fresh and classic with the hues of white and pink, Mark and Angeli’s wedding day will give you that bright and blushing glow. And plus, […]

Laced with Love

Okay, let me just say this first. The one thing I instantly noticed was this beautiful bride–she’s a perfect example of a glowing bride on her wedding day! Class at its finest, I’m totally loving all the lace and floral details here in Aljoe and Precious’ wedding. Sunday Morning Studios perfectly captures priceless moments of their big […]

Fine and Fresh

If you are in need for some quick inspiration this Tuesday morning, then let me show you Mark and Tricia’s wedding! Chestknots Studio sent in a perfectly fresh and fine celebration of love, and it’s simply a breath of fresh air! That Jazel Sy gown has left me speechless too–check out that train! So scroll down or click […]

The Look