Fashion Friday: Lazaro Spring 2013

What did I say about embellishments again? The more the merrier! Of course it goes without saying that these have to be tastefully and artfully rendered. Example? Take a look at Lazaro‘s Spring collection. It’s opulent and unapologetically so! It is slathered in luxurious detail–who would think to match bold and beautiful jewelry with ornately crafted gowns? The result is utterly awe-stricking magnificence.

Personal favorites: I had to draw a deep breath upon catching two serpentina gowns–one with a spectacular lace-patterned bodice (that pattern!) and a layered tulle skirt, and the other a sweetheart-cut beauty dripping in stunning embellishment and beading.

Ah, is there a more perfect way to greet the weekend than with a deluge of design and style? Thank God it’s Fashion Friday!

Designer: Lazaro

Exquisitely Embellished Ever After

Today we start a marathon of mini features. So buckle up and enjoy hopping from one gorgeous wedding to another. These minis will highlight our ultimate faves in the wedding scene. I hope you like it.

Let’s start with this beauty. Perry and Joy’s wedding was everything exquisite. I am particularly loving the super intricately embellished top of Joy’s gown (yes, it’s a two-piece!). From the beginning Joy knew what she wanted and was determined to get it. If your fashion radar is updated on the current show stoppers, you would know Bea Valdes, a luxury accessories designer in the Philippines. Although Bea Valdes is not really known for bridal wear, Joy knew she wanted Bea to design her dress. Through careful and painstakingly meticulous work of sewing layers and layers of fine embellished fabric, this wonderful piece of art was created. But with these beautiful embellishments flown in from different parts of the world, who wouldn’t mind waiting?

I love the fabric and styles of Joy’s entourage. The ecru lace and tulle gave a sophisticated and classic look. Joy and her entourage collaborated on the designs, bought the fabric themselves and had her personal seamstress to the dresses. DIY rocks!

Ceremony: Magallanes Church / Reception: NBC Tent / Photography: Dino Lara / Dress (top): Bea Valdes

What Dreams Are Made Of

Are you ready for some delicious eye candy? Well I don’t know about you, but my reaction to gorgeous weddings remain consistent. I usually whisper a soft “wow”, then stare at the photos contemplating what exactly I love about the wedding that caught me in a smittened trance in the first place. For a moment I smile and get that giddy feeling thinking of how amazing it will be to have other people share that experience with me. So come along, join me today (while I sip my iced coffee), and just sit back and take in all the details and richness of this stunningly beautiful formal affair of Vincent and Bernette.

Fave item for this wedding: Definitely the embellished mini cape Bernette put over her amazing gown. It’s elegant, light and extremely pretty! I can’t stop admiring it!

This photo is unbelievable. Drama and class from the hands of Nelwin Uy.

A spectacular and unique gallery welcomed the guests. I love how couples keep coming up with new designs for their galleries. I wonder if it will soon be flat screen TVs mounted in place of the framed photographs. That would be so modern, hip and so techy-trip!

So with that, I bid you adieu! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Church: San Agustin / Reception: EDSA Shangri-La / Event Stylist: Larry Natividad / Makeup: Noel Jimenez / Gown: Richie Ortega Torres / Photographer: Nelwin Uy / Video: Bob Nicolas

Celebrity Wedding: Jojo and Ciara

I grew up loving Fridays, and I’m sure almost all of you did too! Let me just add another reason for you to love today. Some of you might have already seen this in a magazine or another site since it’s a celebrity wedding. But nonetheless, I still couldn’t resist putting it up because it is soooo intoxicatingly gorgeous! Having a clean vintage-retro feel, Jojo and Ciara’s wedding gave a balanced vibe of romance, youthfulness and charm. A palette of lilacs and purples vibrantly painted their celebration. The intimacy of the venue and guest list made the wedding so personal and meaningful. Here’s to a beautiful wedding with beautiful family and friends, and of course a stunningly beautiful bride and groom!

I adore Ciara’s stark white dress. It is elegant, timeless and tasteful.

This cake is too pretty to eat!

Bows, gloves and hats = charm and cuteness!

Wait a minute, if you think we’re done, you are deeply mistaken. I have saved another treat for you. I love love love (love love… just stressing it out!) the wedding video. Not only is this song one of my all time faves, I also can’t believe this is the first time I heard this version with the dramatic instrumentals. One of the prettiest videos I have ever seen indeed.

Ceremony: Manila Polo Club / Photographer: MangoRed / Videographer: Threelogy / Gown: Mich Dulce / Make up: Lala Flores / Flowers: Margarita Fores

King and Queen of Hearts

After that power outage yesterday, I simply couldn’t wait to write again. Contrary to many peoples’ preference, I love rain. But the dark clouds have passed and today we welcome sunshine-filled things, one of them Arthur and Sheilan’s wedding. This is our first Cebu wedding feature and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. A celebration that speaks of romance, drama and a feel of royalty. The elements contributing to the overall feel of the wedding were exquisite. Sheilan, the breathtakingly gorgeous bride pulled of the term “the more, the merrier” with regards to her choice of crystals. The embellishments on her gown and hairpiece created a dreamy, princess-like aura. Don’t fret Arthur, I haven’t forgotten about you! Props to the groom for appropriately choosing a tux that matches his bride’s look. I love so many things about this wedding and I think you will too.

I love the gray gowns of the sponsors. The color, style and fabric reflects Cebu’s artistic culture.

These flower arrangements are so perfect. Tall, lush and pretty always does the trick. I really like the fact that it doesn’t look like your typical wedding arrangement, and was very tastefully done.

Here’s a peek at the couple’s onsite video. The song used was Michelle Tumes’, Lovely. Although I’ve heard this song so many times, it simply never gets old. This one is worth your while!

If Cebu produces weddings as picture-perfect as this, Bride and Breakfast will surely have a feast. Congratulations to you Arthur and Sheilan!

Photography: Nelwin Uy / Makeup: Wenwen Zaspa / Video: MG Digital / Church: Sacred Heart / Coordination: Shirley Grace Ong