5 Reasons To Have A Beach Wedding

I know, it’s a little daunting to have a destination wedding a few hours or miles away from home. For city people like me, going to the beach means packing for a few days and making a drive out. What more having to plan the whole shebang and bringing the wedding works out of town? […]

13 Dreamy Beach Wedding Altar Looks You Can Totally Steal

With the Philippines’ tropical climate and countless beautiful waterfronts, it’s not surprising that beach weddings are extremely popular here. We’ve featured a fair share of stunning weddings by the sea, and we’re showing you today some of our favorite aisle and altar looks curated from the blog and Pinterest! This list might just convince you […]

Sky Blue Sweethearts

A white wedding on the beach. Some sky blue touches. An occasion that’s minimalistic and warm. This is exactly what dreams are made of, isn’t it? Christopher and Heidi’s wonderful wedding in Amanpulo on Pamalican Island is like something from a storybook, and Jeff and Lisa allowed us to see it all! A pair of […]

The Look


15 Breathtaking Wedding Bouquet Inspirations

Now, what’s a wedding without flowers? From the décor to the centerpiece to your very own bouquet, there’s no doubt that flowers really play an important role in your wedding… so we’ve curated some of the prettiest wedding bouquets from our blog once again!  Whether you’re a fan of small and simple bouquets or the biggest […]

Pure Beautiful Bliss

Care for some modern Filipiniana love? Well Kitchie and Buko is handing us just that on a silver platter today. Drenched in lush greenery, the freshest of blooms, and hints of gold, this wedding you’re about to see is pure beautiful bliss. And the best part is we’ve got all the gems lined up for […]

The Look